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Laundry Units in Modular Camps

The modular laundry facilities produced by Karmod are large, comfortable and customizable and serve various modular camping needs. Modular Camping Facilities: Government agencies and the federal and state military rely on Mobile Concepts to help manage their mobile and temporary facility needs worldwide. Our knowledge, experience and broad range of talents help ensure project and task success. Find out how we can support your modular camping needs. The Modular camp systems of Karmod Steel Structure Building can be configured and scaled to accommodate a crew and workforce of 5 to 15,000 people. We understand that companies operating in remote areas need on-site services and premium accommodation levels to attract and retain employees. At the higher end of the spectrum are companies that want to offer their employees hotel-like services, including catering, cleaning, laundry, and access to recreational activities and facilities. Depending on the modular camp and lodging housing need, workers and staff can be treated with private bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms or housed in bunk beds with common areas.

The dedicated team at Karmod Steel Structure modular Building offer initial planning, design, engineering of prefabricated modular buildings for labor accommodation or modular camp systems, site preparation, logistics, field service distribution, installation, and relocation after project completion.

Laundry Rooms in Modular Adam Camp Buildings

One of the biggest challenges for Oil Gas field development is to provide modular buildings and living spaces to the workforce in undeveloped remote areas. Karmod Modular Buildings offers the ideal solution with specially designed modular human camp buildings. Our modular buildings can be designed, constructed and commissioned quickly and efficiently to help you get your operations up and running quickly. Modular Human camp buildings can be easily removed and installed on another site with minimal environmental impact.

Modular men's camp buildings construction Karmod's men's camp buildings provide as much space as needed for living areas, dining facilities, commercial kitchens, recreational facilities, laundry units, work offices and management area. Modular workforce accommodation solutions, 5-100 people more prefabricated They can range from little man camps to large full-service complexes housing more than 10,000 workers. Modular human camp facilities can be easily expanded with additional buildings to meet operational needs. Our modular human camp buildings offer the most cost-effective and versatile solution for housing remote field workers.


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