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Affordable Prefabricated Social Housing Project in Liberia

With a rapidly growing population and rapid urbanization process, many African countries are now facing increasing pressure to provide their citizens with adequate affordable social housing. It has been 12 years since the end of the civil war in Liberia. The country of Liberia is rapidly developing its infrastructure, attracting foreign investors, improving production in Liberia, and aiming to achieve long-term peace and stability in order to stimulate the economy and improve livelihoods. As one of the key components of Infrastructure construction in Liberia, the development of civil, commercial and industrial buildings and other projects is essential to improving livelihoods and promoting economic development. However, the lack of local building materials and a small manufacturing sector with only one cement plant in Liberia have affected infrastructure development.

To address these obstacles and improve the situation of Liberian construction, Karmod prefabricated construction company, Turkey designed an affordable social housing construction plan. As the implementing unit, Karmod has significant experience in the management and construction of prefabricated modular building materials. Karmod Company also provides one-stop services including architectural design, building material production, central supply, logistics and transportation as well as on-site technical training.

We Will Build New Homes for Sale in Liberia for Everyone

It will produce affordable new technology prefab homes for sale at low cost in Liberia. Considering the location of social housing in the country, Karmod has launched an innovative prefabricated house modular building structure. Major components such as walls, floor slabs, windows, doors and structures are prefabricated at the factory. After moving to the construction site, it is quickly assembled according to the drawings. In state-sponsored program in Liberia, karmod promoted prefabricated souce dwellings in Liberia in accordance with these three steps:

On-site research is conducted on prefabricated social housing in Liberia to identify suitable technologies for prefabricated houses in the country of Liberia; Demonstrations and capacity building activities are carried out using existing prefabricated house and housing projects in Liberia; and

For technical exchanges, experience sharing and workshops are organized for Liberia and Turkey Karmod housing authorities and technicians. During the social housing project in Liberia, capacity building workshops were provided to local workers who were taught construction methods and skills through prototype demonstrations. The training focused on construction methods, structural stability, waterproofing, moisture proofing and anti-corrosion treatments.

Middle and Upper Income Luxury Home Project in Liberia

In Liberia, the social housing project also held a conference called “Low Cost Housing and Rapid Prefabricated Modular Building Experience Development and Technical Workshop in Liberia” attended by government officials, construction experts and other institutions to promote prefabricated housing methods. Through in-depth discussions at the workshop and site visits, the local social security office became extremely interested in such prefabricated houses and expressed its willingness to sign a cooperation framework agreement with the company for the joint development of low-cost social housing for local residents. Prefabricated social homes and residences require fifty percent less time to assemble and overall costs are 50 percent lower than traditional construction. For African countries such as Liberia with prolonged rainy seasons, this technology could drastically reduce construction time and lower costs, easing pressure on social housing demand in the long run.

The project highlights the advantages of affordable assembly type social housing in terms of construction speed, comfort, safety, economy and practicality, which creates a new construction technology system suitable for Liberia and meets the basic demand of both middle and low income family groups there. in neighboring African countries. More importantly, the program contributes positively to Liberia's economic development and livelihood improvement. During project implementation, the company took the lead in organizing and coordinating the participation of more than 50 people specializing in design, production, purchasing, logistics and construction, among other things. It has also created more than 30 jobs for Liberians in areas such as the construction, retail, catering and service industries, increasing their average income by over 40 percent.


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