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Low cost prefab house in Nepal cost

Karmod prefabricated house production attracts more attention in modern construction due to its focus on sustainability around the world. New generation modern prefabricated houses in Nepal are a smart practical solution for Nepal. The truth is that new technology prefabricated steel houses can be built as much as or stronger than traditional reinforced concrete houses. is being done. The modular steel houses we manufacture in Nepal have been of great help in assembling earthquake-proof, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective housing and accelerating the construction of prefabricated houses.

Karmod in Nepal is a new approach to construction through prefab house. The unique 5-S model at the steel house is redefining traditional design and construction practices. With Karmod, you not only get international-style design steel houses, but also superior construction, faster delivery and better return on investment, both for you and for the World. Welcome to international life in Nepal with Karmod's new technology. Experience the finest nuances of any pleasant appearance you desire. With Karmod's new design steel houses, it has become the most preferred Turkish brand in 132 countries around the world.

Safer and affordable housing project for Nepal

Our prefabricated houses in Nepal consist of upper middle and lower classes, and our prefabricated houses appeal to all kinds of markets. Compared with the old design, the new house design has no slanting brackets from the outside and columns from the inside, it looks more clear and beautiful house design.

Prefabricated steel houses are being built in Nepal using Turkish technology. The new insulated panel system, we use European technology in Turkey to build affordable, beautiful and fast houses in Nepal according to people's wishes. People in Nepal spend millions to build a house, but they don't get tired of building the house they want to live in. The importance of this prefabricated house that we produce is now increasing in many areas. We tell our customers that the building will be prepared according to the level of the house.

Prefab House solution - Main problem of housing in rural Nepal

Karmod Prefab House Nepal is a construction company mainly focusing on affordable social house and modular buildings using prefabricated material. Our aim is to build prefabricated modular houses with minimum budget and low investment. We provide our services mainly in all states of Nepal and most services in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. We also offer non-project services depending on the prefabricated house project type and appropriate conditions.

Karmod prefab homes. has worked with Karmod customers in 132 countries around the World to build and maintain modular commercial buildings and landmarks in Nepal. We have worked on government projects in various countries around the world and introduced new prefab house and modular building concepts in Nepal. Karmod has worked with various contractors to work on a large number of clients to build affordable social housing with bespoke designs.

Traditional Light gauge steel frame home project in Nepal

We mainly specialize in Modular structures in Nepal, prefab steel houses, Education, school, classrooms and college buildings, Health hospital buildings, eateries, restaurant, apartments, supermarkets, resorts and holiday and cottages. Prefabricated house and modular buildings made of prefabricated building materials are famous and highly preferred among people as they are earthquake resistant and can be built at a minimum compared to concrete houses and buildings. Also, the benefit of having prefab house and modular buildings is that if you need to slide or lift it and build it elsewhere, all the materials are very convenient to build a new house or build in a new place or a different place.

The fire and earthquake resistant prefabricated steel house built in one place except the downstairs can be used in another house and people are more preferred. It will be used all over the country, this house will be built and you can build it in Nepal by ordering prefabricated house materials from Karmod in Turkey. People can get general information about it from Karmod Facebook and YouTube channel. People can build prefabricated steel houses in any project and design they want. With Karmod's experience, the use of prefabricated houses increases a lot because they do not put too much load on the land.


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