270 x 630 - Prefab Guard Shacks

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Elegant yet Durable Guard Shacks

Karmod plays a significant role in providing guard shacks, prefab security booth and portable guard houses (guardhouses) to airports, private industry, commercial, industrial, government and the Europa military throughout Turkey and around the globe. Because Karmod portable GRP fiberglass buildings are built to withstand years of physical and environmental abuse, they are the logical choice when choosing guard houses, dock shelters, sally ports, perimeter check points, inspection booths and gun or surveillance towers. Karmod guard shacks offer the most durable, long-lasting, welded portable GRP fiberglass buildings such as portable guard houses, prefab security guard shacks, observation towers, border inspection booths and security access control checkpoints. Those portable security guard booths are all prefabricated. The factory-assembled prefab guard shack allows you to easily move it with a forklift, a crane or many other methods. Karmod’s security guard shacks are all welded fiberglass buildings with the use of durable, low maintenance materials, which ensures the guard shack’s greatest longevity.


Purchase Guard Shacks - Cost-effective & Experienced

Karmod guard shacks are available in a multitude of styles and colors and can include many different exterior looks achieved with two-tone paint, brick veneers, various types of glass and roof top finals. Through these treatments Karmod prefab security guard shacks can complement any location’s design elements or existing architectural scheme. We are constantly striving to bring innovative yet functional and aesthetic prefab guard shacks design ideas to the production floor. If guards are expected to keep your facilities and others secure, they must be kept safe. Karmod's prefab guard shacks are available with a variety of construction and security choices to ensure that your people can execute their jobs correctly in any situation, including:

The Best Guard Shacks for Business Security

A well-run facility can only survive when all employees and equipment can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Providing easily installed prefab security guard shacks ensure isolated employees and equipment can perform their duties in safe, comfortable, and practical environments. Nothing is more frustrating than employees who slack off or even quit due to poor working circumstances. To accommodate those lengthy hours, we build our prefab guard shacks to be both functional and pleasant. Furthermore, the isolation of a guard shack necessitates a self-sustaining design. Karmod's skilled engineers will collaborate with your team to design the ideal security structure for your facility. Among the most popular options are:

Fast installation helps you stay on track and on budget

Furthermore, all of our prefabricated prefab guard shacks are delivered ready to use, allowing you to stay on schedule and within budget. These guard shacks can also be simply relocated as your security requirements evolve.


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