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Modular conversion buildings to meet your specifications and needs. We pride ourselves on producing High-Quality Portacabin and Modular container buildings. Karmod - Ireland's Premier Manufacturer. Portacabin modular buildings represent a versatile, sustainable building solution. Using our Portacabin modular building systems, we can create multi-storey, prefabricated buildings of any size, for up to 1200 people or more. Our Portacabin modular buildings and anti-vandal units offer you self-contained, self-contained quality buildings that can be delivered and installed in one day.

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The portacabin modular and portable steel framed buildings we offer meet all the quality standards of permanent prefabricated buildings. The difference is that the portacabin buildings are manufactured in a factory which means the quality can be controlled very precisely. The buildings are then delivered to the site for fast, safe and waste-free installation. If you choose to purchase your building, it will be completed up to 60% faster than a traditional construction project.

Modular Buildings & Portable Cabins in Ireland

The versatile portacabin and anti-vandal buildings we offer can meet the demands of any application, from offices, classrooms and schools and hospital health centers to modular jobsite buildings, toilet facilities, canteens and more.

Choose a modular or portable building to accommodate any number of people for any application. Whether you are looking for a large office space or a small independent office, a complete school complex or a single classroom, laboratory, hospital ward, toilet facilities or call center, portacabin has the building to meet your every need. The selection of versatile portable and modular buildings we supply can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any building use. We will tailor your building to meet your individual requirements.

Office Container in Ireland - Site Offices

We have an unrivaled track record of designing and delivering buildings for every conceivable application, from classrooms to canteens and offices to hospitals across Ireland. The all-steel rooftop buildings we supply are built to Ce and ISO9001 quality standards and comply with all current building regulations – so you know whatever modular building you need will be built to the highest possible standards.

From building fabrication to installation and lifetime use, Portacabin modular buildings help reduce waste, energy use and carbon emissions. By choosing a modular building rather than a traditionally constructed building, your organization will enjoy cost and energy savings in the short term and over the life of the building. This means you will minimize the environmental impact of your activities for today and future generations.


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