150x270 Portable Toilet & Shower Cabin

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Elaborately Designed and Installed Portable Toilets

After more than 36 years in the Karmod modular construction industry, we have unrivaled experience and expertise in providing portable prefabricated sleep and wellbeing units to many different establishments. Karmod has decades of experience in providing sanitary solutions with clean and environmentally friendly equipment using fresh water for the toilets and showers it manufactures: our high-quality sanitary cubicles and WC and shower enclosures are available in various sizes and come with numerous equipment options. Thanks to its flexible modular design, sanitary and toilet and shower cabins can be expanded upon request or combined with our portable cabins.

Portable toilet cabins and Shower cabins for building sites

Our Karmod portable toilet and shower cabins supply portable toilets and showers for weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals and mining and oil gas camping, business projects. For all application types, including industrial, campsites and sports clubs. Portable toilet cabins and Portable shower units & Mobile Cabins are available as 4 standard type cabins or alternatively, Karmod modular toilets and Shower cabins can be made from our product range. Karmod portable toilet cabins and sanitary solutions can be used instantly. In this way, they offer useful and complete equipment tailored to your needs. We also offer an environmentally friendly solution by using fresh water instead of chemicals in our portable toilet cubicles and sanitary ware! We can provide sanitary and toilet cubicles, all of which can be combined and expanded, in the following sizes and dimensions.

Like Portable office cabins and Prefabricated Modular Buildings, our Portable toilet blocks, mobile shower facilities and changing rooms are also built and designed in the same way as a regular toilet or shower room, with the exception of our prefabricated toilet units and prefabricated toilet units. shower blocks are incredibly easy to position on site. If you are looking for a versatile, portable shower and toilet facility, the Mobile shower and Toilet is a great option that can be used in many industries, including events, entertainment and construction.

Portable toilet & shower cabins for building sites, events and more

Portable toilet bowls and Shower Cabin and Wellbeing Units can be produced in a wide variety of models, such as Karmod Portable Closet Cabinets, also known as Modular Container Closets, depending on your needs. These are bespoke and of high quality and are produced according to customer requirements. Optionally, we offer the capability for layouts and specifications, which can also be provided with an alternative cladding. Portable toilet cubicle or mobile toilets and showers are perfect for site stays such as campsites where we can provide an accessible shower for your guests. Or they can be placed on a jobsite as temporary jobsite toilets for construction crews, sacrificing quality to increase durability, an excellent site facility choice.

Handicapped portable shower cabins and mobile disabled toilets are another alternative to buying from us with everything you need, Panic Alarms and anything else you may need for your toilet needs.


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