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Best Portable Toilet Containers

We offer ablution units, which are a combination of portable toilet and shower facilities produced by Karmod. Karmod is a famous brand engaged in providing our customers with high quality and affordable portable toilet containers. Temporary and permanent showers, sinks and toilets are provided and can be customized with added amenities. It is a clean and portable solution that provides peace of mind for solving problems in remote conditions.

Portable toilets, Shower containers and wellness units can be produced in a wide variety of models, such as portable containers, also known as container toilets, depending on your needs. These are bespoke and high quality portable containers manufactured according to customer requirements. Optionally, we offer the capability for layouts and specifications that can also be achieved with an alternative aesthetic cladding.


Versatile Portable Toilet Container For All Your Varied Needs

In the crowded and overpopulated world we live in in our country and in our world, the demand for basic needs is increasing. Portable toilet containers can provide some relief to the ever-increasing demands of work environments and take some of the burden off site needs and requirements. Portable toilet containers can vary in capacity depending on the specific function and requirement needed. Portable office toilet containers can be a great solution for many businesses. Portable toilet containers are an efficient and convenient device for use and use with minimal disruption in the field, providing a hygienic and safe indoor environment for use.

Supported by a group of professionals, we manufacture prefabricated portable toilet - Container units intended for use in remote areas. It was chosen to build an ablution unit because it can operate without being connected to electricity or water services. Prefabricated toilet container materials are used for emergency conditions, public events, etc. Perfect to meet your needs. It is a temporary solution to make up for temporary installations and more.

Our offered portable toilet unit is accurately assembled using the best components and industry standards. Ablution containers are used in construction, mining and oil natural gas construction sites, functions and events. They are designed for mobility of transportation and ease of installation at any site. Customers can purchase these portable toilet containers and ablution blocks from us in various specifications and sizes depending on the application area. There are also urinals, washbasins, mirrors and electrical fixtures in the containers according to the wishes of our customers.

Meet Our Most Popular Portable Toilet Container Units

As a manufacturer of portable toilet containers, our portable toilet containers in Turkey, Mena, Africa and Europe meet global hygiene standards. Therefore, they are in high demand worldwide. The toilet and ablution unit in our advanced production department have been specially designed by our experts using high quality materials. All portable toilet and ablution facilities are containerized and also built for harsh field conditions.

Our portable toilet containers and ablution units do not corrode, are strong enough to manage heavy traffic and are resistant to all weather conditions. Containers are extensively checked against different quality parameters by our team to ensure they meet the predefined standard.

Our portable toilet containers and ablution units are widely used in the world due to their functions and multiple requirements. Customized solutions are also considered, such as the structure in which several modules are combined, products with overlapping units or others that are produced according to the specific needs of the customer. They are financially viable and convenient. Some types of sections can also be added to this for privacy. Portable toilet containers and ablutions are quick to install and are known for optimum use of space, and modified containers receive many requests from customers for their excellence and high comfort rate.


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