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Portable Temporary Housing and Accommodation for All Your Needs

Karmod We have been in the portable temporary housing business for over 36 years. We have a friendly staff of experienced engineers and architects. We are the leading manufacturer and provider of portable temporary housing and accommodation. Karmod designs comfortable, durable and high quality insulated fast modular structures in a short time and produces portable temporary housing.

These portable temporary residences and homes are brought to your client's home site and set up. Your client may stay at home to oversee the restructuring. With its expertise in all types of portable temporary housing and modular construction, Karmod can construct prefabricated portable temporary housing and buildings that meet your needs. It is a fast and efficient solution with lower financial impact than traditional permanent reinforced concrete construction.

Karmod modular buildings and portable temporary residences are of high quality; it is beautiful, comfortable, well insulated and soundproofed. Portable temporary dwellings are an attractive alternative to construction trailers and blend beautifully into any urban environment.

The quality of Karmod prefabricated modular buildings is recognized by educational and health institutions, as well as governments and the military.

Meets Your Camping Needs with Portable Temporary Staff Housing

Quickly add workspaces to meet your temporary or permanent movable housing needs at a low cost. There are many possibilities: amusement centre, infirmary, laboratory etc. When the unthinkable and unexpected happens, Karmod is there within 15 days to provide safe, comfortable temporary movable housing. If you need a private portable temporary residence anywhere in the world, click to learn more.

Thanks to our large production capacity of 31,000 square meters and our modular building inventory, Karmod can quickly meet your temporary or permanent portable housing needs, prefabricated camping needs including dormitories, cafeterias, dry rooms, bathroom units and more. Carefully constructed with attention to detail, our portable temporary housing and modular buildings are of such high quality that users will be convinced they are of a traditional construction. Why choose between comfort and fast delivery? Karmod offers you both!

Just because a portable temporary residence and building is temporary doesn't mean it has to be ugly. We believe that relocatable buildings should look just as attractive as other buildings. Portable temporary housing and Temporary modular buildings can be beautiful, innovative and provide a healthy environment to work and learn in. Providing portable temporary housing and temporary buildings for all uses and needs for more than 36 years, Karmod creates value for you. We apply our experience to your situation, reach a reliable budget and show you unmatched results.

What is Portable Temporary Housing and Modular Construction?

Portable temporary housing and Permanent modular construction is an alternative construction method that means doing more than just the construction site. Sometimes referred to as “Off Site” construction, we build “Volume” building blocks almost complete with flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting and systems. We produce all of them indoors under controlled conditions. After completion, we move it to the site. Portable temporary housing and Modular buildings can be single or multi-storey steel and/or concrete structures with virtually unlimited customization options.

In most cases, portable temporary housing and modular construction provide a viable alternative to conventional construction. Build quality has improved significantly over the years, and advances in the industry mean modular buildings are often just as aesthetically pleasing as their traditional counterparts. Portable temporary housing and Modular have enjoyed success in a variety of industries, including:

Karmod has over 36 years of experience serving various markets including:

Medical, Government, Construction, Education And More However, portable temporary housing and modular construction work best when structure changes are kept to a minimum. The biggest benefit of Portable temporary housing and Modular is the occupancy rate it provides, and constant structure changes can seriously hinder project progress. For complex projects that require a few changes mid-build, modular construction may not be the best choice. Karmod has written about portable temporary housing and the efficiencies associated with modularisation. Advances in design technology further enable collaboration between Modular Building Information Modeling designers, engineers, modular building fabricators and modular building builders. In addition, Design & Build project delivery formats, integrated approaches to construction, and owners' willingness to leave traditional design proposal creation have helped pave the way for more successful portable temporary housing and modular projects worldwide. see more content:


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