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Highest Quality Affordable Portable School and Classroom Buildings

In 1986, Karmod pioneered the concept of modularly built portable schools and classrooms and temporary modular buildings used by thousands of public and private schools around the World. We continued to lead the way in providing innovative portable school classrooms and modular buildings that can be easily installed and relocated depending on your individual space needs and financial situation. If your requirements require a special configuration or an entire modular school campus, Karmod can also respond quickly and cost-effectively. But if you need to meet your space needs, Karmod offers portable school and classroom building solutions and options that provide you with space to grow.

Karmod can help you get the right portable school and classroom building. When overcrowding or lack of facility space becomes an issue, Karmod's portable school and double classrooms or multi-class buildings are the proven solution. Whether you buy portable school and classroom bins or multi-classroom wings, our extensive inventory program provides a wide variety of portable school units in stock and ready to ship. Also, if you're a public or non-profit organisation, you don't need to go through a long and complicated bidding process.

We Build All Types of Portable School Buildings and Classrooms

We have a high quality, portable school building and classrooms for sale. Our modular buildings offer nurseries, schools, colleges and universities the opportunity to purchase quality classroom accommodation at a lower price. Our portable school buildings offer functional learning spaces that can still be upgraded to include “new build” features such as air conditioning and cladding options.

In short, any of our portable school buildings can be tailored to a school's individual needs. We are following Karmod's guidelines for the new portable school and modular classrooms. This is to ensure that staff and students of our portable school bins do not compromise on fundamental principles when it comes to their learning/teaching environment. We can provide portable classrooms suitable for individual subject subjects such as 'Art & Design', 'IT', 'Science' and 'Dance & Drama' or classrooms where a different style or class size is needed.

We definitely do portable school and classrooms! A portable school offers a short-term option to address immediate needs for a portable classroom. Alternatively, a portable classroom helps a school spread the costs of acquiring valuable teaching spaces without having to spend a large portion of its existing capital.

We have a network of people and organizations from which we buy our portable school buildings. Some Portable school and classroom buildings are already arranged as classrooms. It could be office blocks, social facilities and storage units, among others. What we are really looking for is a quality chassis, roof and floor. If these are available, any portable building can be adapted to suit the school's requirements.

More portable classrooms than schools are the best option

Portable school and classroom buildings are built quickly and save you money. For temporary portable school space, we have portable classrooms for sale. Our dedicated permanent portable school and classrooms will meet your long-term space needs.

A highly flexible modular construction system, portable schools and classrooms were built at the factory in Turkey and shipped and delivered to countries in the world in need of schools in a stackable transpack module that we would normally create in our workshops before being delivered to the field. Separate wall and door panels are included for each portable school and classroom project that can be easily attached as needed. These are constructed with a long lasting galvanized outer panel.

Panels with additional windows or doors can also be added to my portable schools and classrooms, and these can be easily moved at any time.

The government is certainly aware of the growing lack of housing in education, especially in primary schools. Over the next few years, many Local Government, Academies and Free mobile school buildings will have to create a significant number of additional places. In this article, we aim to point out the funding flows available to schools to address this growing problem.

Portable school and classroom buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and temporary classroom overcrowding problems. Expanding traditional portable school buildings can be costly and time consuming. Temporary portable schools and classrooms can be built on-site in just a few weeks, and permanent portable school and classroom buildings can be built on-site up to 60% faster than traditionally built classrooms.

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