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Perfect Portable Restrooms for Any Occasion

It is a portable restroom manufacturer for residential, commercial and industrial customers in Karmod and its surrounding, providing quality service since 1986. Karmod offers a complete selection of freestanding portable restroom units, sinks and accessories. Ideal for construction sites, parks, sports fields, fairs and festivals, these freestanding portable restroom units feature durable construction with a wide range of comfort and access options. And if you don't see what you're looking for, just give us a call. We are constantly adding new models to our portable restroom range. There are luxury portable restrooms in Karmod and then there is Karmod Portable Bathroom. We offer a wide range of portable restrooms that can adapt to almost any situation where a mobile restroom and bathroom unit is needed. We have exported portable restrooms in approximately 132 countries. It is one of the largest portable restroom manufacturers in the world; With over 5,000 portable restrooms worldwide. Still, portable restrooms are small enough to stay in top condition. We do not offer Karmod portable restrooms, only portable restrooms with real flush restrooms and real sinks or portable potty. Depending on your situation and location, a portable bathroom combination may be available to meet your outdoor facility needs.

Benefits of Portable Restrooms and Mobile Restrooms Units

Karmod portable restroom is perfect for accommodating larger groups of people and minimizing the waiting time of the portable restroom. This portable restroom and bathroom unit is the preferred choice for large weddings and business renovations and can be combined with the portable restroom to serve events such as festivals and fundraisers. Karmod portable restroom and bathroom unit is also ideal for serving those who need a portable restroom in emergencies, disaster relief work or whenever power and water supplies are not available and a portable restroom can be useful.

The portable restroom and bathroom were designed with space in mind. For smaller events or parties at home, the mobile restroom can fit into the toughest of spaces, elegant enough to be discreetly placed on the field. Large events often require multiple mobile restrooms to avoid long queues and crowds and provide guests with easy access to facilities. Karmod portable restrooms offer a variety of portable restroom options to best suit the event type and restroom needs. Parties, weddings, sporting events, parks and concerts are just some of the places where people gather and use Karmod portable restrooms to celebrate the great outdoors.

Clean Portable Restroom Solutions for Every Event

We offer a variety of mobile restrooms, including standard units, Portable restrooms, showers and hand washing stations to meet your event or job site needs. From construction sites and sporting events to the largest music festivals, we have a proven track record of providing environmentally responsible portable restrooms for our customers. Karmod provides the best portable restrooms in construction, perfect for any project that needs the convenience of on-site sanitation. Karmod undertakes all types of construction work, from residential, remodeling projects to urban high-rises and interstate highways. No job is too big or small. All our units are portable restrooms, clean and reliable and are among the newest mobile restrooms available for your temporary restroom need. These units are ideal for the daily job site or public event. Our portable restroom units feature non-slip floors, door latches, ventilation and a design with no sharp edges. Units are serviced regularly according to service plan agreements. Our classic model is our most popular portable restroom unit and is standard on residential and commercial sites. The comfortable, spacious interior has been greatly appreciated by construction workers, and the classic also appears at many casual outdoor events, such as fairs and festivals. The classic unit offers many features, from its translucent roof to its non-slip floors; Includes portable restroom, urinal, restroom paper box with two jumbo rolls and hand sanitizer. This unit supports up to 250 uses or approximately 12 workers working 40 hours a week. You can get it from us at the best price.


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