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Types of portable office building near me for sale

Karmod is one of the leading manufacturers of new portable office buildings in Turkey and the World, we are proud of our reputation for providing high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers who are looking for a versatile and urgent form of portable office building and accommodation, whatever your industry. With our new portable office buildings for sale, we offer our customers a much more cost-effective, energy efficient, safe and comfortable portable office environment compared to a permanent building. Our reputation is well established and has been proven and tested by our clients with whom we have done projects in 132 countries around the world.

At Karmod for all your portable office building needs. Portable office building sales, Karmod provides a one-stop foreign trade office across the country for all your purchasing, sales and recruitment needs. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff working with commercial clients of all sizes in Istanbul, Turkey are here to help you get the right portable office building to meet your budget and needs.

By choosing Karmod to purchase your new portable office building, you can be sure that you will receive a portable office building made of only high quality materials, giving you excellent value for money. Our portable office buildings are made of durable steel construction and insulated panels, and we are one of the only manufacturers in the world to offer galvanized steel structures. They also have water and moisture resistant floors and insulated windows and interior room doors.

Architecture of the best portable office buildings

Karmod We have more than 36 years of portable office building manufacturing experience in the industry, we offer our customers unrivaled customer service and our team works with you to design your ideal portable office building solution, bringing together your individual requirements and ensuring you get a new portable office building that meets your needs and expectations.

All portable office buildings offer a great solution to your needs for expanding your company's office space or creating new office workspaces for your employees or colleagues. The most common is a portable office building that includes lighting, heating and an open-plan workspace that allows you to divide the space into separate offices or keep a large workspace for your team.

A portable office building complex may be required for larger projects or temporary contracts that require space for workers in the short term. Portable office buildings achieve this as the perimeter of the building will be electrical outlets, lighting and heating provided in sections that allow for an open plan, bright and airy workspace. This can be a modular one-story building or a two-story modular portable office building with interior stairs to the upper floors.

Affordable high quality portable office building construction

At Karmod, it specializes in providing a wide range of new modular office buildings as well as new technology portable office buildings and temporary buildings. Our portable office buildings offer a wide variety of solutions, including modular storage units, offices, portable shower and toilet facilities, welfare units, new modular units, worker accommodation, and portable containers. We offer a wide range of premium quality new portable office buildings, modular accommodation units and portable office cabins available for purchase in Turkey and around the World. All of our portable office buildings are built to the highest standards, providing high standard exterior trims, interior linings and fittings that give your modular building a unique look and feel. Here at Karmod we strive to provide all our customers with a complete unparalleled service and the best affordable portable office building solutions.

All of our new portable office buildings listed can often be designed to your unique requirements and specifications. We also offer a wide range of portable office buildings that can serve the same purpose as new for a fraction of the price, take a look at the plans and what's on our projects below.

We make deliveries to construction companies and industrial enterprises both in Turkey and around the world, and with our fast service, single portable office building orders can be completed and ready for delivery within 48 hours. Our consistent stock level also allows us to fulfill larger orders on time.

All of our new portable office buildings are fully CE and ISO 9001 certified, by our team of in-house architects and civil engineer specialists, which are installed on site by our team of movable office buildings, ensuring you only receive affordable and highest quality installation service from us on delivery.


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