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Karmod is one of the world's leading and leading manufacturers of portable chemical toilets. Ideally, we are in a stable economic zone in the European and African markets. The portable chemical toilet industry is a global and expanding market that caters for the construction industry, outdoor and leisure market, thereby helping with continued well-being and hygiene for the general public.

Portable chemical toilet cubicle or mobile toilet cubicle is used for a number of different applications; Showers with hot and cold water supply, wash rooms and wash stations, again both hot and cold water supply, mains connected toilets and a fully integrated portable chemical toilet that combines many of these features in a single cabin. Karmod portable chemical toilet products are primarily produced with durability and low maintenance costs. It derives from a company originally established in the late 1986's, which was one of the first to operate a large and expanding portable chemical toilet manufacturing company in Turkey, before diversifying into the manufacture and sale of portable chemical toilet products, thereby creating a suitable product for each.

Top Quality Portable Chemical Toilet Manufacturer

Portable Chemical Cold Water Toilets are a construction site need, they are the perfect solution for your big or small project. They are completely independent and can be easily moved on site as your project evolves. We decided to make a change in chemical toilets, which are still frequently used in places where there is no water and sewer connection. We'd love to tell you how many chemicals there are worldwide, but we doubt anyone knows!

Chemical toilets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are used in many different settings. The classic is probably the 'porta-potty' - the ubiquitous plastic outdoor booths seen at music festivals and other big events as well as at construction sites and some roadside picnic areas. Smaller types of chemical toilets, either permanent or portable, are often used when camping and allotments. They are also ubiquitous in trainers.

We are committed to working closely with all of our customers, thereby improving well-being and hygiene for a selective crowd in the world's emerging markets. That's why Karmod is your #1 choice when it comes to portable chemical toilets. We believe that the customer is the priority and will listen and understand your needs in a diversified market to meet your needs. We manufacture products that offer quality and durability at competitive prices with unrivaled service in this industry - you will be proud to offer your customers the best facilities from the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of portable toilet toilet facilities.


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