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Comfortable, High Quality Portable Cabins in New Zealand

Karmod, Our portable cabins are ideal if you want more space or a modern room in your home in nature. Customers also use our portable cubicles for ample office space or when they need to rest and sleep. Karmod Portable Cabin series is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Built by New Zealand's weather and skilled tradesmen. using the highest quality materials.

We Leave Our Customers Energetic And Happy…

With many different size options, Karmod Portable Cabins have the perfect modular cabin for you. Karmod Portable Cabins nz is a company committed to entertaining people with an interesting service style and a great product. We provide warm and healthy portable cabins and other special purpose buildings for sale to Karmod to meet the increasing demand due to shortage of accommodation and warehouse.

Warm, comfortable and of great size, our portable cabins are a flexible alternative to the hassle of finding a larger property to live or work in. Its stylish design means Karmod Portable Cabins nz are a great looking addition to your property or business. Our portable and portable cabins are versatile enough to turn into the extra space you need. Our portable cabins are portable and come with great service that we are proud of and we can deliver the cabins almost anywhere!

Absolutely Beautiful Portable Cabin Tiny Home

Karmod Portable cabin nz designs, manufactures and delivers portable buildings, whether spare room, sleeping room, office space, tuxedo room or just extra storage space, we will offer a solution that suits your needs. All fiberglass polyurethane insulated materials used in the construction of our portable cabins are from New Zealand, providing quality and long-lasting units.

Karmod Portable cabin nz Series is our smallest and most affordable detached cabin. privately if you want. Stylish and modern, it is fully equipped with a bathroom and open space for a bedroom to fit a double or queen size bed. Its fully polyurethane insulated floor, walls and ceiling are ideal for guest guests or as an extra room on its own. It is portable and modular, perfect for small or difficult areas, and can be easily installed by two people.

All our portable cabins are completely insulated with polyurethane on the ceilings, walls and also glazing for higher comfort standards in your home. We firmly believe in making healthy, warm homes accessible and affordable for New Zealanders, and our new portable cabins Exemptions and cabins are a great and realistic way to achieve that.

Our Portable Cabins are made from scratch from quality natural NZ products. Our skilled artisans bring their longstanding expertise in building quality portable cabins designed to be a home and built to last in all the variable conditions NZ weather has to offer us


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