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Best Oilfield Man Camps and Workforce Housing

Karmod We are the largest supplier of modular man camps to all major oil and gas companies in the world. We have over 36 years of prefabricated modular building management experience and a dedicated, highly educated and experienced workforce. We are a specialized manufacturer of Oil and Gas extraction companies that will work with you on your projects to develop and create the right solution for you.

Karmod is the leading manufacturer of Oilfield man camps, commercial modular buildings in the World. As one of the largest commercial modular manufacturing operations in Turkey and Europe, we lead with a wide range of high quality, sustainable and cost effective modular building solutions. We offer the perfect solution for everything from oil and gas Workforce Accommodations to office complexes, educational buildings, restrooms, guardhouses and modular containers. Anywhere, on time and on budget.

Your Modular Man Camp and Oilfield Housing Needs

Affordable temporary labor housing in Karmod, as new drilling technologies experience an oil boom and create new jobs, overcrowding many small towns, such as a growing number of Oil & Gas field workers. Because of this overpopulation, there is a shortage of oil gas field workforce housing, and many Oil Gas field workers are forced to live in their cars, sleep in parking lots, and move elsewhere where they can find a place to stay.

With oilfield workers in mind, Karmod has developed oilfield housing solutions, also known as man camps or remote workforce housing. These custom modular container homes offer comfort, privacy and maximum occupancy, all in low-cost temporary housing. Whatever your needs for your oilfield project, Karmod has everything you are looking for. Our modular oilfield Men's camps and mobile homes are built to last. Tailored to suit the specific project needs of each oilfield. We have a wide variety of workforce residential floor plans to choose from!

Since the inception of Karmod, we have created portable and fast-build modular man camp dwellings for oil, gas and mining companies. Back then, we learned a thing or two about what makes a good guy camp. To prepare for future modular man camp housing projects, we pre-designed the housing structures to be almost turnkey ready to the site. These units are affordable, easy to install and remain portable to meet changing workforce needs.

Oil and gas companies find it simple to set up container man camp villages. Modular Containers are easy to stack and assemble into larger or multi-level modular structures, easily allowing for the creation of different modular container structures such as kitchen units, living units, toilets and more.

Oilfield man camps are designed to accommodate the growing workforce. As employment opportunities expand and change in the mining and natural gas industries, new modular man camp structures are needed. Its modular containers aid this expansion. Their modular containers create versatile structures that can adapt as man camp villages change over time.

Best Option for Oil Gas Field Prefab Modular buildings

With the increasing number of workers working in oil fields around the world, we cannot keep up with the increasing demands for man camp housing units. Due to the high demand for petroleum-based products, especially the oil extraction areas of the world are quite large. This means that thousands of workers have migrated to these areas and all need temporary shelter. On the other hand, accommodation options for these workers are scarce. These oilfield residential barges are perfect for this situation. It is more preferred because its costs are lower than reinforced concrete buildings. They are also the best option for employers as they are small but functional homes. The compact design of the Modular man camping containers makes them extremely suitable for oilfield workers.

If you ask the owners of both Oil and Gas fields, they will likely tell you how the mobility of the man camps works for them. For oilfield owners, once they're done with the land of a particular area, they can quickly and cost-effectively relocate the camps to another location because they're small and light. They don't have to worry about new construction costs or housing for their employees.

So, if you are looking for mobile housing idea, man camp housing suits your needs. If you are looking for cheap mobile homes in the Oil Gas field, you are at the right place. If you want a residential unit for oilfield man camps or oilfield housing for sale, we have brand new man camps mobile homes for sale in oil gas area at Karmod.


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