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Quality Solutions for Gas Industry and Oilfield Housing

Karmod understands the demand of the Oilfield housing and energy industry for challenging, quality modular housing solutions delivered in a short time. Portable modular offices, prefabricated living spaces and self-sufficient work/living environments can be designed according to your specifications and Oilfield residences can be built to be delivered to your site according to your schedule.

Karmod is a reliable gas and oilfield housing manufacturer. Since modular container buildings are manufactured to measure, modular oilfield dwellings can be mass-produced to solve the urgency of demand. For oilfield workers, the enclosure is easy to install and the modular container is easy to assemble and can be stacked up to 3 times, which greatly saves construction time and construction space. In the areas that need to be transported, prefabricated modular container bins can be transported over short distances by trucks. But if the place to be transported is relatively far, it is more recommended to disassemble and transport modular containers.

World's Best Housing for the Oil Field and Gas Industry

Oil and gas drilling is Karmod's core market for both oilfield residences and offshore temporary living spaces on platforms and ships. Our comprehensive oilfield accommodation solution for both onshore and offshore projects includes all operational essentials such as water, wastewater discharge, communications, power, lighting and other essential equipment field ancillary utilities. Given that we provide accommodation on board ships or platforms, we can go anywhere there is offshore oil field drilling, construction, maintenance or decommissioning.

For the design of oilfield camps such as accommodation, the internal accommodation of managers, engineers and workers was designed differently. A single standard modular container buildings has a capacity of 1-6 beds, which determines the variety of design. Managers and engineers can add a separate bathroom area, kitchen and relaxation area to the accommodation for a more comfortable experience. Worker dormitories can choose between 2-6 people in oilfield residences. In addition to accommodation, public bathrooms, laundries and public entertainment facilities can be designed for large numbers of workers so that workers can feel comfortable and warm even when they are not at home.

Do you have an urgent need for oilfield housing?

Save thousands of labor and oil housing envarte opening. Need to quickly house your workforce with spending a fortune? We have immediate delivery workforce and oilfield housing solutions to help you get the job done! We can meet the demand for durable, affordable, quality oilfield housing for your workforce and provide oilfield housing solutions that can be delivered quickly with little hassle. We have oilfield housing needs at direct factory pricing, temporary labor housing and affordable prices. As new drilling technologies experience an oil boom and create new jobs and projects, more and more oilfield workers are in dire demands for extremely oily dwellings in many places such as in Africa, South America and the Middle East.

With oilfield workers in mind, Karmod has developed oilfield housing solutions, also known as human camps or remote workforce housing. These modular container buildings offer comfort, privacy and maximum occupancy, all in low-cost temporary housing. Whatever your needs for your prefabricated oilfield project, karmod has everything you are looking for. Our boys' camps and mobile container homes are built to last. They are adapted to suit the specific needs of each oilfield. We have a wide variety of modular workforce oilfield residential floor plans to choose from! Call for reasonable prices.


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