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Worldwide Sales and Installation of Modular Toilets and Showers

One of the most important things to consider when planning your workplace is the quality and number of Modular toilets and showers you offer for your staff. It is important that adequate facilities are available as it is a requirement for your business and construction site. A problem many companies have faced in recent years is that they have increased their workforces and do not have the infrastructure to support additional staffing. Modular toilets and showers have forced businesses to invest in building additional services. Adding a traditional modular toilet and shower can be expensive as well as extremely time consuming, and for many businesses the best solution is to choose portable modular toilets and showers that are almost completely available and can simply be connected to the main water supply and used immediately.

Modular Toilet and Shower Buildings in Disaster and Emergency

Our modular and shower buildings produced by Karmod, Hurricanes, floods, fires and hurricanes leave a destructive path of destruction behind. Having appropriate emergency facilities can help mitigate the long-term consequences of natural disasters and help citizens find the confidence to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. Portable modular toilet and shower buildings for larger facilities or events Karmod also designs and offers larger modular toilet and shower buildings for special events, job sites and larger construction campsites or container locations.

In Modular Showers and Toilets - We build the latest technology

One of the main expenses businesses face when installing modular toilets and showers using traditional construction techniques is that they require a large number of different tradesmen to perform tasks such as builders, plumbers and expert earthworkers. The fact that so many different people need to be involved in the construction process has a predictably inflationary effect on the overall cost of the project and can also lead to delays due to staffing key parts of the work. This is a completely different experience than the relatively simple and quick installation of modular toilets and showers.

Because modular showers and toilets are built using prefabricated modular construction techniques, they can be delivered to the site with minimal construction work. In most cases, the portable modular shower and toilet unit can be easily emptied from the back of the truck, put in place and connected to the power and water supplies, and then ready for use.

High Quality and Unique Modular Toilet and Shower Units

Standard modular toilet and bathroom interiors are of a very good standard as our portable modular showers and toilets feature the use of high quality components such as 4 cm thick walls. Unlike some temporary structures of relatively low quality and unfounded appearance, these modular toilet and shower units, which can be installed in a matter of hours, are of a standard comparable to a professionally installed modular toilet and bathroom built using traditional methods.

You will improve workspace by choosing colors and decor that match the rest of your Modular Building and placing the portable modular shower and toilet close to staff who need it most. This will have a huge impact on the quality of life of all staff and ensure that staff are well looked after. It will also mean that any modular toilet and bathroom visits will be shorter as no queues will be needed, and this will have a minor impact on the actual amount of productive time staff can spend at their workstations.

Thanks to the high quality of the modular showers and toilets offered by Karmod, you get a first class toilet and shower products with many business advantages such as fast installation, easy maintenance and great flexibility at a much lower price than you expect.

Best and Affordable Modular Toilet and Shower Facilities

Modular shower and toilet buildings offer durable, sanitary and attractive solutions for your public facilities. Ideal for your permanent modular buildings or Oil Gas and Mine campsites, parks, stadiums and RV parks. Our modular shower and toilet units are the ideal solution for disaster relief areas, outdoor activities and construction sites. All of our modular buildings offer multiple interior and exterior finishing options, including a variety of architectural options, colours, flooring and lighting, and most importantly, ADA compliant fixtures and features. Karmod has promised to provide top-notch design assistance during your modular toilet and shower planning phase to make sure you don't miss any important details.

Whether portable or permanent, your Modular toilet and shower building arrives at your location with exactly the features you choose (number of toilets or counters, number of washbasins, showers, lockers, and fountains) and ready for on-site installation.


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