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Modular Commercial Kitchen Buildings For Sale

Karmod has been producing quality modular and mobile kitchen buildings for over 36 years. Today we offer more capabilities, services and features that make your business easier and more profitable! Together we are proud to introduce Karmod modular kitchen bins, the next evolution of modular mobile kitchen building innovation.

We know that making our customers successful is hidden in the details in modular kitchen buildings. We know these details with our unique place in the history of creating custom concession solutions. Karmod Modular Kitchen Buildings is dedicated to applying our experience and innovation to every aspect of your building to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Karmod Modular is a nationwide comprehensive provider of modular kitchen building solutions. With over 36 years in the modular kitchen industry, our team of experts has a long history of expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry. Karmod Modular serves the education, construction, health, government, commercial, retail, industrial and petrochemical markets with the modular kitchen buildings we produce, with reliable and flexible space solutions.

We are a one-stop shop for your growth and expansion needs, providing a complete solution. Karmod Modular offers special, temporary or purchased buildings as well as accessories and services to complete your Modular kitchen buildings project.

Best Modern Modular Kitchen Building Design

Karmod has supplied modular kitchen buildings for both public and private sectors in Modular building technology. A Modular kitchen building we manufacture can be mobile or permanent. Modular kitchen building facilities also have production lines, food preparation tables and stations, dishwashing rooms, garbage rooms, cooling units, built-in freezer units and dry storage cabinets. It is a smart and fast way to expand with unlimited possibilities and modular floor plan and design options.

Our modular kitchen buildings and facilities are built to meet all food preparation guidelines with gas or electric commercial cooking equipment. The exhaust and hoods along with the fire alarm and sprinkler are designed to fit the particular modular kitchen layout. Single and multiple room options are available in our standard floor plans below. If you don't see what you need, we recommend checking out the custom floor plan designs our clients have created for their specific needs.

Modular kitchen buildings are built in one of our production facilities closest to your site to avoid the extra time and cost of transporting modules long distances and to ensure you meet tight deadlines.

World Leader, Modular Prefabricated Kitchens and Restaurants

Modular kitchen buildings are cost-effective for a permanent location or various test locations across the country, or get in front of customers faster with a modular restaurant. These modular kitchen building units can be scaled to suit specific space requirements. Our fully integrated team offers a high quality, private label modular kitchen building range that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Spacious interiors for equipment and staff give these modular kitchens the flexibility to serve large numbers of people quickly and efficiently. Modular kitchen solutions produced by Karmod, Prefabricated kitchens and Container kitchens, Our kitchens complying with the Modern, Modular kitchen building regulations are an alternative to traditional construction methods. Our modular kitchen building solutions are especially suitable for sites without kitchen facilities or those looking to upgrade or expand the footprint of existing facilities.

Modular Commercial Kitchen Solutions: The Connected Equipment team is knowledgeable in developing modular kitchen containers that meet or exceed Modular commercial kitchen safety standards. These modular kitchen buildings protect you by providing easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces next to a durable, completely safe, modular kitchen building.

The ultimate in full-service modular kitchens: On or off the grid, Modular commercial kitchen buildings and containers give you a self-contained, plug-and-play, on-site modular kitchen that meets or exceeds commercial standards. High Quality and Best Modular Kitchen Solutions: Modular kitchen buildings, Whether for product development, commercial operation, long-term construction sites, disaster relief or other applications, our modular kitchen building systems are the ultimate in durable, commercial grade portability - professionally designed and third party has passed the arbitration.


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