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Let's Build Your Ideal Modular Houses Together.

Modular houses, also known as prefab houses, are the new way to build a custom modular home at an affordable price.

With today's modern, modular home floor plans, you'll have the luxury of customizing a prefab modular home to suit your unique wants and needs, and of course your lifestyle. At Karmod Modular Houses, we have been customizing modular houses since 1986 and turning your dream modular houses into reality. We love to not only meet but exceed expectations, within our modular home buyers' budgets. Therefore, whether you are a growing family that wants to create beautiful memories in your new modular home, or if you live alone and seek comfort and security, Karmod modular houses has the answer.




At Karmod Modular Houses, we take pride in the fine details, so you can count on us to deliver award-winning home designs that combine flexible space with fantastic value, when you need it. Perfect for couples or larger families looking for unique spaces and exceptionally high quality, you can find our modular houses manufactured in a variety of sizes in rural neighborhoods and urban areas.

What are Modular Houses?

Modular houses are residences that are built in sections or modules in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the construction site. There it is built on permanent foundations and completed by professional installers.

But there is more to like about prefab modular houses. Modular houses can reduce construction time by more than 50 percent, allowing you to get into your new home faster so you can enjoy it longer. While on-site modular houses can take a week to complete, modular houses are field-assembled on-site and are typically completed within a week.

Modular houses offer economical price savings that other approaches cannot. Because most modular house constructions can be completed in less time than on-site construction, for example, the cost of intermediate construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Our role as a world-leading manufacturer requires us to purchase large quantities of quality building materials – we achieve economies of scale that result in the price savings we pass on to you.

Modular houses offer remarkable value. With over 36 years of experience, you will find our commitment to excellence in every module, in each of our floor plans in Prefab houses. Our modular houses are professionally designed and built by skilled craftsmen and are constantly inspected to ensure they comply with strict state and/or local building codes.

For those who do not want to give up their comfort

You will love Koycegiz Model ready-made prefab house, which we designed for you, inspired by the magnificent architecture and peaceful atmosphere of Koycegiz district. When affordable homes are preferred, comfort is often compromised. But under favour of the price of Karmod Koycegiz Model prefab house suitable for every budget, you do not have to give up your comfort.

This house, where you can make your interior and exterior design as you wish, consisting of a living room, kitchen, veranda, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. This durable and environmentally friendly prefabricated house that is specially designed and produced by Karmod architects and engineers is suitable for all-season conditions. You can use it safely for years without any problem.


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