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Karmod starts the construction of new generation modular hotels

Karmod is building hotels for the leading names of the big hotel industry in the world. It preferred modular structure in its new hotel projects because it is faster than traditional constructions and meets high quality standards in every aspect. Our modern, innovative modular hotel construction technology combines on-site construction with precision off-site factory assembly line production. Conventional timings are significantly shortened as modular hotel units are built for your project at our facility, and fieldwork and foundation construction are completed simultaneously. To make major breakthroughs in speed to market, quality modular hotel construction, risk reduction and profitability in the hospitality industry.

We help you gain more control over the quality, timing and results line of the modular hotel project. While looking for a quality building solution for the Modular hotel and accommodation industry, Karmod offers cost-saving modular hotel designs with shorter turnaround times compared to traditional building methods. Our team has years of experience in large scale modular hotel construction projects and is sensitive to the needs of the hospitality industry.

We work with all major hospitality brands to ensure that all modular hotel construction projects are approved and adhere to strict brand standards. Our company is unique in the western market for the quality and expertise we provide to our clients with our system building factory modular hotel construction technology. We offer state-of-the-art, modular hotel construction technology that is a hybrid of efficient and precise offsite factory assembly line hotel construction and onsite construction. This enables us to reach the elusive target of cost, speed and quality without sacrificing any of them.

The World's Best Modular Hotel And Motel Construction Projects

Karmod gives you a better way to build your next modular hotel. Traditional modular hotel construction schedules are shortened significantly as the modules of your hotel project are built in our factory while the foundation construction is completed on site. It saves you money and significantly shortens your time to market.

If you are in the hospitality industry, you know how important quality modular hotel construction is. You want to offer the best modular hotel or motel rooms for your guests, but you have a budget and time constraint to consider. When you need an affordable, high-quality hotel built on time for the right price, go modular. Modular hotel and motel construction is growing in popularity around the world, and it's no surprise why. Learn about the high quality Modular hotel construction process and the benefits of its designs and see why it may be the best choice for you and your guests.

There is a different way to build a modular hotel that continues to be used more often. Modular construction is gaining momentum around the world and in the future we will only see more businesses opting for this type of construction over traditional methods. What makes each project unique is that each has its own customizable design. This design is presented to you when you choose to build a modular hotel using the modular structure.

Meet the Needs of Large Hotel Chains Hotel & Motel Buildings

Karmod Modular Buildings develops advanced modular contemporary and traditional modular hotel and accommodation properties that are custom built to meet our client's exact specifications. We offer cost-effective hotel and motel design, development and project management and construction services to create outstanding modular accommodation facilities. Our advanced modular hotel construction team provides cutting-edge services at an unmatched speed to complete new hotel construction projects so buildings can start generating revenue for investors.

Karmod modular buildings hotels motels construction facility Karmod's modular construction process produces modular hotel and motel building constructions up to 40% cheaper and up to 60% faster than conventional construction. In fact, our modular building strategy makes it possible to complete up to 80% of hotel building construction off-site, resulting in less site disruption, faster project completion time and faster client occupancy. From floor to ceiling, inside out, we offer our customers a selection of materials and finishes to create the atmosphere they want to achieve.


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