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We are building your Modular Home in Ireland in a week!

We produce excellent homes that are most in demand in Ireland. Aesthetic prefabricated modular steel homes offered by Karmod modular Home are built with ready-made, factory-made insulated sandwich panels. We build all types of Irish weatherproof and top quality modular homes within a week, as all the elements of the modular home are prefabricated at the factory and simply put together at the construction site where the house will be installed. We work with the best architects and engineers to ensure you have the highest quality modular home. Modular homes - even if there is an earthquake in Ireland and the ground shakes - are very durable and can be used in all earthquake zones in the construction of single-storey and multi-storey modular buildings in fiber cement sandwich panel steel construction. The respective suitability of the fields has been proven in extensive research at various European institutes. The exterior coatings of Karmod modular houses provide better sound insulation values, even for single-storey structures, for example, structures covered with two-storey wood-based panels. The wall panels of modular houses have been tested in various institutes and confirmed their excellent sound insulation properties.

Energy Saving and Eco-Friendly Modular Homes of Ireland

Our Modular Homes, with Ireland's highest energy efficient technology, will save you a lot of money in the future. You'll never have to think about your big gas bills in the winter again. You will always feel warm and comfortable in your new, energy-efficient modular home. Your new modular home will need up to 3 times less energy than standard reinforced concrete houses. The modern insulation and heat recovery systems of your new modular home will reduce your energy demand and heating costs to very low levels. So enjoy your comfortable modular home for less. Our designers have put together a range of house plans in Ireland's towns so you can choose the modular home you want. We can also work according to your own unique modular house plan. We want to make sure that buying a new modular home will be a thrill for your whole family. All elements of modular house walls, ceiling and roof truss are factory made with the highest care on a special assembly line. Plumbed and wired elements come to site with windows. In the most beautiful city in Ireland. Once your new modular home arrives on the job site, we simply need to put all the pieces together so that the entire site is nice and tidy throughout the process. After a few days, your modular home will be ready to proceed with the finishing work.



Owning your dream hobby house has never been easier

Hobby Garden prefabricated house, which you can choose for your weekend or short holidays, is very stylish with its cute design. With this house, you can listen to yourself away from everything and spend a relaxing holiday with your loved ones. This single-story pretty prefabricated house consists of a living room, bathroom, and veranda. With its easy installation, you can receive your home in a very short time after its production. Thanks to its modular structure, its production is completed within a few weeks. It has an earthquake resistant feature via its solid structure. With Karmod, owning your dream hobby house has never been easier


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