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Modular homes for sale at affordable prices

Karmod, as one of the leading modular home manufacturers in Turkey and the World, offers affordable, quality modular homes for sale. Explore our selection of prefabricated, manufactured and modular homes. Most of our customers focus on modular home options that are highly efficient and low maintenance. With our extensive collection of residential house plans as well as multi-family apartments, duplex homes and townhouses, our floor plans for modular homes for sale clients provide something for everyone. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our extensive list of modular homes for sale, we can create your very own custom dream home.

New manufactured modular homes for sale

The real estate industry is full of options when it comes to buying a modular home. If you are in the market to buy a modular home or are considering building one, you may be aware that Modern modular homes are a popular option. Simply put, if prefab modular homes are for sale, they have sections built in a factory rather than being built entirely on a home site. These parts are then transported to the site and assembled on site by a builder.

Modular homes for sale - often also known as factory-built, prefabricated, or system-built homes – still represent only about 3% of all modular homes produced in the world. This is because modular prefab homes offer both the flexibility to modify and create custom floor plans, and all the modern amenities, features and design styles you would expect from traditional reinforced concrete homes.

Remember, a modern modular "prefab" home offers as much freedom and customization as a site-built home. More than a detriment, being factory-built is one of the biggest benefits of having a modular home!

Nice modular homes for sale

Modern beautiful modular homes are becoming more and more popular among home shoppers. This is because they usually have better building quality, customization options, and durability, along with a lower price compared to beautiful modular homes built on the site. Beautiful modular homes for sale, just like manufactured homes, Oftentimes, a modular home can be built in a week rather than months. They also avoid on-site delays, such as bad weather or other climate issues. And best of all, beautiful modular homes are considered permanent structures. In other words, they are "full property". As such, they qualify for the same financing terms, rates and conditions as other homes. In conclusion, modular home financing is child's play!


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