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High Quality Modular Dormitory Complexes and Bed Mansions

Karmod. For more than 36 years, we have been offering the highest quality modular dormitory complex buildings to our valued customers. With a professional and fully knowledgeable staff, we will transform your specific requirements into the accommodation you need. All of our modular dormitory complexes and multiplexes can be built as temporary, semi-temporary or permanent structures. Our modular dormitory complex buildings are built with speed and efficiency, saving you money. We have portable dormitory buildings outside the temporary modular dormitory complex area. Our custom prefabricated dormitory complex buildings will meet your long-term space needs.

When your project requires modular dormitory complex buildings, Karmod offers a wide variety of solutions to comfortably accommodate both field workers and executive personnel. Whether you are looking for a modular dormitory complex for one or several thousand people, our team of experts is on hand to discuss your unique requirements and provide your labor camp staff with a viable solution for modular dormitory complex buildings in a comfortable and cost-effective manner. We offer a wide range of sleeping units, double bunk beds, barracks, modular dormitory complexes, management accommodation and side-by-side camps, from designing interiors with basic functionality.

Modular Apartment and Dormitory Complex Buildings

The modular complex structures fit nicely into the multi-unit enclosure. It is a low maintenance alternative to many traditional materials and the most cost effective solution around. Condominium and dormitory buildings can be designed and built in about half the time required by traditional construction, offering the ability to expand as needed. In addition, the automated process used to design modular dormitory complex buildings also saves you money and very little cost overrun. Working with an experienced modular building specialist when undertaking multi-unit projects helps avoid costly delays and ensures your finished product has the features our customers need.

Apartment Buildings and Modular Dormitory Complexes

Those who want to develop apartment buildings should consider modular complex structure. This option not only gives you a faster construction method to the same standards as traditional structures, but the modular complex also allows you to build more units for less. We specialize in bringing you additional space in high-quality, green, relocatable and code-built Modular dormitory complex buildings around the world. The structure to house your business and employees, multiple modular dormitories for your construction teams, complex buildings, anything in between, we have everything you need.

Modular Hotels are naturally better suited to be built off-site due to their repetitive room sizes and layouts. The modular construction process significantly shortens the overall construction schedule, resulting in faster occupancy and faster return on investment. For motel owners, their modular building is their business. Karmod provides modular motel buildings, so that profitability is reached faster than its counterparts that prefer regular site construction earlier in the rooms.

Student Campuses and Prefab Dormitory building complexes

We design and build modular dormitory complexes and dormitories according to the customer's floor and room needs. Design features are selected in collaboration with the client to meet the residents' needs. Several times a year we hear from prospective clients requesting affordable and high quality temporary or permanent modular dormitory building complex. Due to spikes in enrollments, ongoing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknown of long-term housing planning, school officials are often in a stalemate. Karmod is always here to help our customers discover different solutions. Modular dormitory complexes We are one of the manufacturers of modular dormitory complexes to reach a cost-effective, yet high-quality and environmentally friendly solution to the student housing shortage on campus.

A two-bathroom quad suite is included, perfect for seniors and graduate students. This configuration will also be a senior student modular dormitory complexes accommodation for first year students. The purpose behind this system is to provide immediate temporary and medium term solutions for a college or boarding school. All of Karmod's modular dormitory complexes are pre-designed and have a fixed cost. In addition, Karmod provides a consistent installation system that allows us to reach a fixed cost relatively quickly. We believe this is the most affordable relocatable Modular dormitory complex solution we have designed in our history.


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