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Affordable mobile site offices for sale

Karmod has earned an excellent reputation for providing affordable and reliable mobile site offices and modular building around the world. With over 36 years of experience in building mobile site offices, you can rely on Karmod No matter what modular building size you need and whether it's temporary or long-term. When you purchase a mobile site office building from Karmod, you will have access to our full range of services.

As a leader in the production of Modular Container Units, Prefabricated buildings and steel construction structures, we empower our dedicated team of employees to deliver high quality mobile site offices on time and within budget at affordable prices.

Karmod construction site mobile site offices and construction site modular containers can be adapted to meet every construction site office requirement. Mobile site office buildings can be connected to create large single, double or even triple stacked complexes that are custom configured to save site space and meet your specific requirements. We have a fleet of interconnected mobile site offices and meeting rooms, newly produced, clean and contemporary mobile buildings to meet every need. We set the standard for smart, modern mobile site office layouts that are unmatched in the estate accommodation market, at affordable prices with mobile site office and site modular container.

Site Offices Now Faster Installation and Environmentally Friendly

A big advantage of buying a mobile site office is that it takes much less time than building a traditional brick structure. Less time is spent preparing your new modular building, which means fewer resources are used, reducing the amount of harmful emissions released by any machinery on site.

Reduced vehicle emissions from workers who do not come to the mobile offices on your site for an extended period of time each day are other factors that greatly reduce the amount of harmful emissions normally associated with construction sites.

Reduced or smaller budget? A renovated modular building is the ideal solution. The refurbished Mobile site offices still have the same high-quality design and solid components, while still allowing you to do your bit for the environment. Some mobile site office buildings benefit from completely new interiors i.e. new vinyl-coated drywall, flooring, heating and electrical and even roofing. Compared to new units, you can achieve economic savings of between 40% and 55%.

A new mobile site office buildings not only significantly saves on carbon emissions, but also reduces unwanted landfill waste, providing an exceptionally sustainable form of relocatable accommodation. These environmental considerations are increasingly sought after by Local Councils and Planning Authorities who assist the mobile site office building planning process, often with their sustainable references.

Mobile site offices offer excellent modern solutions

If you need a mobile site office or modular building space that is needed on an ever-changing site for construction work or other reasons, building a permanent building makes little sense. The environmental impact does not deserve the use it will get, not to mention the cost of constructing a modular building. With this in mind, a portable prefab building is a much more environmentally friendly choice. Mobile site When you need to move your office space on-site to a new location, the mobile site office can be easily retrieved and reused at the next location as needed.

Installation is very easy, it is a great part of the great modular service offered by Karmod Modular, your expertly designed mobile site office building moves anywhere in Turkey and the World, and you can install and use them ready-to-use, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Karmod is dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services in mobile site offices. We believe in the importance of good value, whether simple mobile site office buildings or state-of-the-art prefabricated buildings. Whatever your budget, we have a cost-effective solution. call now.


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