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Mobile Classrooms and Schools Can Be Tailored

Karmod has been offering a solution to this growing mobile class problem for over 36 years. Mobile classrooms and schools around the world say our durable and child-safe mobile classrooms and school buildings are the perfect solution when construction time and student safety are important. Our off-site methods offer all the benefits of a traditional mobile classroom and school building in a fraction of the cost and time.

We have many years of experience in supplying mobile classrooms and classrooms to the education sector in Karmod Modular prefabricated classrooms and school buildings. The construction of these units requires a minimum of time and is extremely different from traditional building construction. Our mobile classrooms are perfect for the education industry, ideal for mobile classrooms and schools with limited budgets or little need to build traditional classroom spaces. Alternatively, if you are currently in the process of constructing a new building on your school's grounds and need temporary and permanent mobile classrooms to serve as teaching spaces while the construction work is underway, we provide modular mobile classrooms and school buildings that can provide you with a solid structure. and offer spacious room for students and staff.

Our excellent mobile classrooms are incredibly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Offering a cost-effective alternative to the construction of a new modular building, these mobile classroom and school buildings significantly save on carbon emissions, reduce unwanted landfill waste, and offer you, the parent, a sustainable form of mobile classroom.

We Combine Global Learning with Mobile Classrooms

When it comes to the education of children, it is a proven and accepted fact that our Students' learning environment is critical to a child's early development. You can count on us to meet your Modular School's mobile classroom needs. Karmod has been offering the perfect mobile classroom solution to the endless needs of modular schools for over 36 years. Schools around the world say our durable and kid-safe mobile classrooms and schools are the perfect solution when construction time and student safety are important. Our off-site methods offer all the advantages of a traditional construction in a fraction of the cost and time.

Our mobile classrooms and nurseries relieve the pressure of growing student numbers with short, medium and long-term accommodation solutions. Each of our modular mobile classrooms creates a high-quality, comfortable learning environment that enables students to succeed.

Karmod's educational solutions include mobile classroom and nursery buildings, and kindergartens and nurseries for pre-school age groups. Our Mobile Classroom and nursery buildings are structured to meet the spatial needs of seven learning and development spaces for young children, so there is no need to compromise the learning environment, even if it is temporary.

However, we understand the pressures mobile schools and nurseries face and the financial constraints that hinder your desire to improve the learning environment, especially for the children in your care.

Affordable Mobile Classrooms and Schools for Sale

Modular mobile classrooms are the perfect solution for providing extra capacity in schools. Whether your mobile classroom and school needs a short-term solution for limited learning space or a low-cost, permanent building, we can provide it.

Karmod makes it easy to customize units to meet specific training needs, field challenges and budgets. Perfect for administrative offices, computer labs, libraries or special curriculum activities in addition to mobile school and classrooms. We can also provide you with everything you need for a fully functional, mobile classroom and school solution, from steps and ramps to awnings and more - with Karmod to save you time and money.

Welcome to Modular Mobile Classrooms and Schools, eco-friendly buildings that are quick to build and easy to maintain.

Modular mobile classrooms are a sustainable modular building solution for growing mobile schools and colleges, designed to be incredibly energy efficient and flexible workspaces that can be equipped for a wide variety of functions in any school.

Modular mobile classrooms and schools are permanent modular buildings designed to be built in component parts and quickly assembled on and off the site. Incredibly flexible and durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, modular mobile classrooms are built using metal steel frames cut from sustainable sources.


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