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Fast Production Modular Military Field Kitchen Buildings

Karmod is a company with more than 36 years of experience in the modular building industry, with our wide range of production technology, we make versatile modular structures that are unique in the industry, from modular military field kitchens and custom military-made modular units to more.

Karmod is the leading manufacturer of modular field kitchen building facilities. We have installed portable modular kitchen facility buildings in multiple locations in 132 countries around the world for many military and peacekeeping forces as well as charities and charities for emergency disaster relief operations.

We are building a range of kitchen facilities, including modular field kitchen buildings, portable modular field military kitchen units and prefabricated kitchen solutions that can be quickly mobilized and commissioned

Quality Army and Modular Military Camp Kitchens

We have built army camps and modular field kitchen facility buildings for many military and peacekeeping forces around the world, including places like Karmod, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Kosovo. We manufacture a wide range of temporary and permanent kitchen facilities, including Modular military field kitchen building solutions that can be commissioned in a short time.

Our modular army kitchen solutions can be supplied as stand-alone modular kitchen units or prefabricated buildings can be linked together to create much larger modular military camp facilities, including dining areas, recreational facilities, laundry units and ablution blocks.

Karmod army camp kitchen solutions are fully redeployable, Mobile prefab military kitchens can be deployed quickly and modular kitchen buildings can be easily transported by land, sea or air. Modular military camp kitchen facilities from Karmod. Our portable kitchen units can be used to provide large scale modular military camp kitchens including food service facilities, dining area, outreach units, ablution blocks and laundry units. Karmod modular army camp kitchen solutions are fully redeployable, meaning they can be redeployed at the end of a campaign.

Modular army kitchen facility manufacturer worldwide

Our range of portable modular kitchen containers includes ISO Certified Military and army container kitchen facilities that are Karmod compliant and can be air transported by fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

Outside of our rapid response division, Karmod is highly experienced in providing temporary and permanent military kitchen solutions worldwide. Apart from that, it includes temporary modular prefabricated food complexes of the full athlete village that took place in the last three Olympic Games in the World, as well as the Winter Olympics and the Asian Games. We have also produced kitchen facilities for our customers in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The world's best and best quality Flexible portable Modular kitchens

Karmod portable modular kitchen solutions can be completely relocated and easily transported. This allows them to be easily moved between different modular campsites or modular kitchens when redeploying troops. Our Temporary and Permanent prefab kitchens can also be used by NGOs, charities and charities as part of temporary modular shelters or relief operations to produce emergency modular buildings in disaster relief areas to provide meal solutions.

Karmod offers a complete turnkey modular military field kitchen building solution service and our experienced staff will assist you at every step of your project to ensure a fast commissioning of your kitchen. If necessary, a Karmod project team can also be used to commission and deliver the kitchen in its final location. Upon request, additional support such as service and maintenance can be provided after the kitchen is installed. Temporary kitchens and catering equipment are provided.

Karmod, Turkey and the world's leading temporary modular kitchen and catering building manufacturer. In addition to responsive recruitment, we produce temporary modular kitchens for many public and private sector customers in Turkey and around the world every year. This includes the military bases of countries on Earth undergoing refurbishment activities or facing sudden cessation of catering operations. Karmod has produced more than 1,600 Prefabricated modular kitchen and catering building projects.


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