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Our Homes in Zimbabwe - Green and Low Cost Housing

As Karmod company, we produce low-cost housing and modular buildings for the country of Zimbabwe in our Factory, design and make turnkey building solutions. Our products and solutions are specifically designed for fast and efficient construction and aesthetically pleasing prefabricated buildings. We build modular buildings for Zimbabwe: oil and gas, mining camps, educational buildings and schools, Healthcare buildings, hospitals and clinics, sales and work offices, hotels and accommodation and the low cost housing sector.

All modular buildings are pre-built in our Turkey factory, we support their construction in Zimbabwe and South Africa. We guarantee affordable housing and custom-built quality buildings to suit your specific needs.

Also, as Karmod, we offer a complete off-grid solution. This includes all civil works, building structure and cladding, plumbing, electricity, water collection and storage, Solar energy, solar water heating and Gas water heating. Standard prefabricated building designs are available as well as low-cost homes and custom modular buildings to suit customers' own tastes.

Karmod is a reliable brand but a respected name in the modular prefabricated building industry in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our Karmod Company specializes in the manufacture and construction of low-cost residences and prefabricated buildings in a variety of styles and designs that best suit the client's requirements and preferences. Our skilled engineer factory designs and manufactures light steel structures best suited to any type of demand. Our steel construction structures are prefabricated, primed paint over galvanized steel, final coated before being built. With a focus on quality and structural strength, we offer a wide range of products from the smallest to the largest well-engineered steel construction structure designs. We have a team of certified engineers, designers, welders manufacturers; is experienced in producing premium quality steel structured houses and structures and any steel construction work that exceeds the customer's expectations.

Your dream home - Zimbabwe Housing Projects

All prefabricated buildings are energy efficient, panel supplied on demand and often flat packed and field assembled on site. We Manufacture Innovative Insulated Insulated Panels and Create Beautiful, Fast Installation, Energy Efficient Prefabricated modular Buildings low cost residences. We Offer You Your Custom Modular Building Vision at Low Cost Housing Prices. Karmod started production in 1986. He started working in Zimbabwe in 2004 and has since taken a more commercial approach.

The Zimbabwean Government's decision to partner with the private sector in a large-scale low-cost housing project in line with Vision 2030 gives hope to more than two million people on the national housing waiting list. Work has begun on Norton, where 2,200 low-cost homes are under construction, in partnership with the Zimbabwe Government and a private partner. With the government targeting to build 200,000 low-cost homes and apartments by 2025, the Norton project heralds greater things to come. The low-cost housing project in Zimbabwe coincides with the Government's Vision 2030, which aims to achieve an upper middle-income economy driven by a variety of variables, including housing.

Zimbabwean Government Announces Low-cost Housing

Zimbabwe's governing authorities negotiate with producers and providers of affordable housing for the country. The country is slowly recovering from the severe economic turmoil. The economic collapse has almost halved. With 72% of the population living below the poverty line, an estimated shortage of low-cost housing is found in 2 million households. With an average household size of 5, this means that almost half of the 16 million Zimbabweans lack suitable housing.

Karmod initially worked with the National Association of Housing Cooperatives of Zimbabwe and then with governments on very large projects of these 54 African countries to build an affordable housing development in the democratic congo and other African countries. Through these partnerships, he has completed approximately 5,000 low-cost homes, the majority of which are for co-op members.

With the support of Karmod is the Zimbabwean government which is a first for Zimbabwe and has the potential to unlock and new land for low income housing.


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