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Hurricane resistant prefab house prices - Strong and Safe

Karmod Steel Homes has been designing and sending prefabricated houses to 130 countries of the world and Turkey for thirty-six years. With a wide variety of climates, for example Earthquakes and hurricanes, terrains, soil conditions and other considerations - making prefabricated steel Homes on Earth can be a complex undertaking. Karmod understands these challenges and has the experience and expert team to meet them. Karmod Hurricane resistant prefabricated steel home plan is individually designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, specially designed to allow it to adapt to local environmental conditions and legal requirements. Many Karmod hurricane resistant prefab steel homes are built on the edge of the country's mountains using our unique pedestal foundation. Others are built on short buttresses or piles, and some are simply built on slab foundations. Each prefabricated steel home design is customized to the needs of home buyers and Mother Nature's needs.

Our Manufactured & Modular Homes are Hurricane Ready!

If you live in countries threatened by hurricanes, our strong prefab steel homes are designed to protect you from the elements so you can safely withstand whatever mother nature throws your way. Krmod is a boutique provider of custom designed quality modular buildings specializing in hurricane resistant prefab homes and construction services for prefab residential customers, resort and hotel operators around the world.

Karmod has a versatile range of factory-built, hurricane-proof, prefabricated steel houses offering a wide variety of unique finishes and stylish architectural features. Our attractive properties are offered as an all-inclusive package that includes building materials, kitchens, bathrooms, decor items and equipment. Our engineering prefabricated steel house system guarantees speed, accuracy, sustainability and cost certainty.

Karmod Is Building Hurricane-Proof Homes in World

Karmod Prefabricated steel homes are a more affordable and simpler version. Karmod steel houses mean both ecology and economy. Ultra energy efficient, economical to build and economical to maintain. Karmod steel prefab homes share the same structure and provide all the essential elements of a safe eco-friendly home. Our hurricane-proof homes are more traditional, economical and highly energy efficient versions. Karmod Hurricane-resistant steel houses are even more energy efficient as they have fewer windows. Karmod has been building steel houses in many parts of the World since 1986, Hurricane resistant prefab houses and building materials require very strong steel structure because local steel building materials and/or skilled labor for bar making are not available or not of consistent quality. Using Karmod's modular building system provides high quality and ease of assembly, and when combined with many Karmodin services such as permits and approvals, builder recruitment, project logistics and coordination, customers in over 130 countries around the world can find Karmod's modular building solution. find it ideal.


If you dream of a calm and peaceful holiday, this ready-made prefabricated house is just for you.

Karmod Datca model prefabricated house was designed for you, inspired by the calmness and beautiful view of Datca. Datca Model prefabricated house, which is the ideal choice for those who want to escape from the noise of the city to the peace of nature, does not break the bank with affordable prices, it is budget-friendly. In addition, it is both durable and environmentally friendly with its quality structure as well as budget friendly. It consists of a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, patio, living room and 2 bedrooms.

It is installed on your land without any problem thanks to its easy installation. As with reinforced concrete buildings, you do not have to wait months for construction.


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