150 x 270 - Guard Houses

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We build durable and reliable Guard Houses

Portable Guard houses are typically just larger versions of security guard houses. They are often designed to house more than one security professional and often feature internal rooms. Karmod Guard Houses are divided into several categories as they can serve different functions. Security Guard Houses are excellent. After thermal insulation, it also fulfills the function of a modern house throughout the year. For industry, we have created a series of modern Karmod Security Guard Houses that perfectly replace the ugly container sheds that greatly improve the space in front of the factory or settlement.

Karmod’s pre-assembled Guard Houses can serve a wide spectrum of applications ranging from parking lot booths and security guard houses to ticket booths and equipment enclosures. Security guard houses are a great addition for businesses that give them security and peace of mind. Karmod portable guard houses are built using our time- tested modular construction methods. Our modular guard houses offer an unparalleled level of customization, combined with durability, and fast build and installation times.

Additionally, Karmod’s portable guard houses are built using eco-friendly construction methods and can be built specifically for the needs of your company. These security guard houses are designed to comfortably provide a place for your security personnel to work and can be outfitted with data, phone, and electrical lines We offer several different types of mobile guard houses and some of them are even equipped with a steel base featuring forklift pockets for mobility. This provides an extremely portable guard house that can be moved with ease. Furthermore, we can also attach crane eyelets which allow for placement in hard-to-reach places.

All Portable guard houses are completed in one of our three Europe.- based production facilities and are fabricated incredibly quickly. We have modular solutions for all of your company’s needs, and we are happy to customize the colors and options to match your facility. Karmod Modular Prefab Building Systems has been designing, producing and installing modular buildings for more than thirty-five years. With our production facilities and sales offices in the USA, England, France, Germany and Turkey, we have proudly served the world's best companies, both large and small.


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