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Karmod is the World Leader in Guard Booth Manufacturer

Karmod has been producing vehicle access control guard booth since 1986 and sells its products to 132 countries around the world. The production area of ​​31,000 square meters of guard booth enables Karmod to meet the increasing requirements and demands of its ever-growing domestic and international customer base. Karmod is the official website of Karmod, a Guard Booth company that designs and manufactures a wide range of products to increase environmental safety and help create a safer, safer world.

Toll and Transit Shelters and Parking Lot Booths

Karmod produces Guard Booth and shelters that offer fast and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether it's to protect personnel from biological or chemical hazards or unwanted access at border and military facilities, simply to protect people from the weather, or to provide an attractive and efficient cabin to process ticket or parking requests, Karmod's Guard Booth and bunkers are ready-to-use and complete. It is equipped to be installed almost anywhere.

Guard booths (or a similar security guard house or ticket office) can be used to check security for employees or exhibitors at stadiums, theme parks, production facilities, fuel stations, or anywhere a secure entry point is required. From small revenue control such as ticket sales booth, Parking lot booth, or more elaborate guards suitable for multiple security personnel, our range of guard booths and transit shelter options are designed to work with your company's needs.

High Security Guard Booths

Border stations, police station and Federal and State buildings, military bases, and areas where a "very unwelcome guest" may be found are all good candidates for Karmod High Security Officer Cabins. Security Guard booths and ticket booths can be made to almost any specification or need. From small ticket counters for entry to buildings that can handle thousands of visitors, Karmod can provide your solution.

Karmod's standard protection cabins solve project problems that require efficient protection cabins in typical applications. Our standard watch box is available in two sizes to fit the typical location. It is designed to protect against the changing environment and provide security to your facility.


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