Flat Pack Office Container K1001

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Modular Pre-Fabricated Flat-pack Containers

As a CE and ISO accredited company since 1983, Karmod remains a leading Turkey specialist Manufacturer of Flat pack containers. We cater to both the local European market and customers from Africa, the Middle East and 132 International countries of the World. Our comprehensive product and service offering enables us to customize and fulfill all flat pack containerized solutions and services to the specific requirements of each industry. We look forward to assisting you with your flat pack Container requirements.

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Can be shipped worldwide at a reasonable cost: These flat pack containers are easy and cost-effective to transport. It is suitable as meeting and board rooms in offices or construction sites. Shipping savings: Flat pack containers are shipped to the site in kit form and then assembled on site; this saves up to 80% on shipping costs.

Constructed from Cold rolled steel frames and insulated galvanized sandwich panels, these units are as strong as they are aesthetic. Being able to pack the units flat provides significant shipping savings as they can be shipped to the site in kit form with at least 10 units loaded in a flat pack container into the same space as a standard 12m 40 HC shipping container. Flat pack container Units are then installed on site by ourselves or other parties. These units can be combined very easily with their modular construction and stacked up to 3 tiers, which saves space alongside larger units and can be easily disassembled for relocation elsewhere as the original unit or smaller individual units. Karmod manufactures up to 100% of flat pack containers locally; this allows us to use tried and tested materials while promoting local businesses and controlling the quality of the units produced.

Advantages of Multi House Flat Pack Containers

Karmod offers flat pack containers, flat pack stores and packaged chemical warehouses for sale. These flat pack containers are ideal for small businesses where access to vehicles is restricted, and we have provided field storage solutions to many large contractors in locations such as multi-storey car parks and infrastructure. When used with our Flat Pack containers and single main toilets, contractors can meet all legally required welfare needs.

Karmod is the largest manufacturer of original Karmod flat pack containers, which are the best selling and top quality flat pack containers in Turkey. These units are ideal for locations where Karmod and robust anti-vandal storage is required but space is limited or access is restricted. Flat pack containers can be delivered to even the toughest locations without the expense of a heavy lift truck. All components are fully human-portable, meaning they can be manually moved exactly where they are needed when needed. Choose flat pack storage containers if your site is not suitable for access by a large truck. Although light and compact when dropped to the ground, the Karmod is very strong when erected. With two euro security locks fitted as standard on the door, our units offer very high levels of security that can be further maximized by a locking bar and padlock. They're also perfect to use as mobile storage container units, as lifting and lowering times can be as little as an hour. The only tools needed are a drill, screwdriver, socket set and a cup of tea!


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