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The world's shortest-built modular field hospital

Modular field hospital buildings are a critical component for governments, cities, municipalities, hospitals, large charities, response agencies and medical organizations that need rapidly deployable, life-saving medical facilities after a disaster or emergency. Karmod is the world's leading manufacturer of modular field hospital buildings and medical facilities.

Modular Field hospital buildings are prefabricated temporary hospitals where emergency health services are temporarily provided to victims of epidemics, wars and natural disasters. The aim of Karmod's field hospital is to build modular field hospital buildings in the best way in predetermined safe areas when private hospitals cannot be reached due to unplanned urbanization, logistic support cannot be provided due to rubble after the earthquake, and when the hospital capacities are full. is to intervene. due to epidemics. Modular field hospitals, which we can also call emergency and referral hospitals, play a major role in reducing human losses.

Due to the Covid-19, Corona Virus pandemic, Karmod Shelter is responding to serious hospital demands from all over the world for Modular Field Hospital systems. These field hospital facilities can be used to build surge capacity for existing hospitals or alternative care healthcare centers.

Karmod specially designs and manufactures modular field hospitals and medical facilities and field hospitals that can be deployed and fully operational within 10 days. Our deployable modular field hospitals are used in 132 countries around the world and have been proven in response to emergencies and large-scale disasters, including: Covid-19 pandemic, measles epidemic, Influenza (chimney) epidemic, Ebola outbreaks, Typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, Floods and mudslides, Disaster Earthquakes and tsunamis, Migration and War refugee crises

Modular Field Hospital Buildings for Disaster Response

After a disaster, modular field hospitals can quickly become overwhelmed or require an alternative place of care. Karmod's field hospitals are self-contained, climate controlled and designed to provide a clean, safe environment to administer advanced medical care. Our modular field hospitals can be fully equipped to provide: The biggest problem caused by the spread of the epidemic in the world is the insufficient field hospitals. First of all, solving health medical problems and expansion of modular hospital. We can prefabricate the modular field hospital building at the factory and ship it to the field in advance. You can set up modular hospital buildings quickly and successfully host and use patients. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the construction of the field hospital is flat, if the ground is not flat, and that the assembly of the modular field hospital can be built more smoothly and faster.

Emergency Field Hospital - Affordable Price and Global Sales

Our deployable field hospitals consist of a space-saving and reusable prefabricated insulated panel system for easy access to any part of the world. Karmod modular field hospitals provide significant savings in logistics and transportation costs compared to medical mobile containers and expandable medical mobile containers. Karmod medical facilities and deployable field hospitals are transported by plane, ship, rail and large trucks. Karmod's modular field hospitals are unique in their scalability to respond to short-term medical needs or to support ongoing and long-term medical operations.

Military-grade modular field hospital buildings and medical shelters can be configured to form mobile field hospitals with 250 beds. Below are sample layouts of our modular field hospitals: Karmod works with customers to custom design field hospital buildings and medical facilities with essential healthcare packages, medical equipment and supplies to meet your organization's response needs. Karmod also provides technical consultancy and training services related to healthcare facilities to ensure optimum application. For more information about karmod modular field hospitals, please fill in our online contact form.


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