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European prefab house manufacturer

A faster way to build a great building. We build Prefab houses throughout the European Union and beyond. As Karmod, we have more than 36 years of experience in designing and building prefabricated houses. We have consulted thousands of clients and implemented thousands of projects. Karmod home is the embodiment of premium living, European design and carefree lifestyle.

Leaping prefab houses are 100% built in European countries and assembled on site by a professional team in less than 15 days - the plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling systems are already in place and in working order. No unexpected costs. No wastage. Ease and speed of the prefabricated house construction process in Europe, ecological materials and energy efficient systems make Karmod Homes beautiful, smart, extremely durable and, if necessary, independent of the grid.




Europe's best quality prefabricated house construction

Karmod is the only prefabricated house company with residences in Europe's toughest environments, highest peaks and most off-grid locations. We offer our experience of more than 36 years in modular structures and prefabricated houses manufactured in Turkey and exported to more than 132 countries. Build a prefabricated house with individual planning, feel comfortable in your new home and soon enjoy it: that's Karmod.

In the beginning, it is a dream. We offer you a wide variety of prefabricated house options to shape your dream as you wish. Each prefab house is individually planned and tailored to meet your specific living needs and environmental requirements. There are countless design options when it comes to interior design of each prefabricated house, which is exclusive to the European Union.

For us, ensuring that the building is insulated, safe and healthy to live in is a priority and we are committed to sustainability. This is confirmed by our European union certificates and awards on the one hand - a sign of how involved our developers are - and on the other hand by our builders, who are happy to tell you about their construction experience.

Low Cost Modular Prefab Homes For Europe

A prefab house is more than a roof over your head. This is where life takes place. A place to laugh and cry, to play and to find peace. This is where the memories that have stayed with us for decades in European countries are born. And because people are different, their dreams are also different. And we help fulfill them. seamless. That's what hundreds of satisfied customers tell us every year. We want you to fall in love with Karmod's prefabricated houses as well.

Karmod is a family owned company that was established in 1986 and has three factories in Turkey. Energy-efficient prefabricated house technology and many innovations in house construction have made the European company karmod one of the pioneers of the modular house industry. Experience in this area, combined with long-term employee retention, has led to continuous improvement in all areas.

With us, you will have the tested, high-quality, "European Union" dream home of your dreams at an affordable price, including "Karmod - one-stop service". We have built more than 25,000 Karmod framed steel prefab houses over 36 years. Now is your chance to join other satisfied owners!

This prebabricated house will add value to your life with its elegant design

Karmod Pearl Model ready house is waiting for you with unmatched advantages such its aesthetic appearance, eco-friendly feature, fast installation, and its attractive price. Via this house, you can have a living space that offers you a healthy lifestyle and you can use safely in all seasons and conditions for many years. It is produced in a very short time with its modular structure and the installation is completed in a very short time too. You will love this house, which consists of 2 bedrooms, living room, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and veranda.

Karmod has been preferred in tens of countries for years with over 30 years of experience. Own this house with Karmod difference and experience the quality.


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