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Seismic and Earthquake Resistant Prefab Steel Homes

Karmod allows us to create a prefabricated steel home against earthquakes with our galvanized profiles and insulated panels made of super efficient durability steel. If you are building in an earthquake zone. We design a prefabricated house designed using Post and Beam steel construction in the field assembly of the house. Be sure to ask about Karmod's earthquake resistant prefabricated steel house designs. Our balancing technology anchors the house foundations to the ground, creating a modular virtual home that provides the highest level of security against earthquakes and seismic activity. These materials and methods are innovative building technologies that have an impact on both the building trader and modular home owners, as they prove themselves during real disasters. Designing and building a prefabricated steel house that withstands natural threats is not new. However, as these materials and architectural designs prove themselves during real disasters, innovative technologies are increasingly making an impact on both the building trade and modular homeowners.



Earthquake and disaster resistant modular homes

Many of these earthquake resistant modular building technologies have been widely used around the world for many years with great success. Natural disasters are a common occurrence anywhere in the world, at any time of the year. In fact, 80% of the prefabricated steel houses built in Turkey and Istanbul are resistant to some kind of natural earthquake disaster and disaster. Earthquake resistant, Sustainable, Affordable Prefab Housing. It is a value in our prefabricated steel houses and earthquake resistant housing designs. But the Karmod approach goes even further. Safety and peace of mind for a prefabricated steel vev owner is our duty. We know that our Modular Homes are strong enough to withstand earthquakes and disasters, we are often asked by our customers living in areas affected by earthquakes and natural disasters. We totally understand these valid concerns and we have the answer. Based on our many years of experience, we have produced specially designed structural steel house construction houses combined with the roof system, which creates a steel building resistant to the strongest earthquakes. Our Earthquake Resistant homes are designed for the countries and regions of the World affected by earthquakes and natural disasters.

We designed steel houses for earthquake-affected countries

The prefabricated steel houses offered by Karmod, which are designed to withstand Seismic and Earthquake forces, are made of Galvanized structural steel. Social housing customer demands from countries with rapidly increasing populations and countries where there is a great need for high quality, affordable living space, He encouraged the development of an independent modular enclosure concept based on Karmod Technology. The idea later developed into an impressive social housing construction project that sets the standards for similar affordable housing projects from developing countries. All Karmod modular homes are pre-built at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and then transported to the construction site for assembly! Karmod high quality assurance guarantee guarantees quality control throughout the production cycle including design, insulated building materials, time frames and associated costs, extending to the final delivery of the Earthquake proof prefabricated steel house and after sales support - it includes an exceptional and complete service for. Although Native houses in Africa and South America still use the bond-in-place method, it's time to build stronger modular building that is Earthquake resistant. Choose Karmod steel house and take advantage of new construction materials and affordable prices to build your new strong prefabricated house!

Combining quality and comfort together: Karmod Twin Model Prefabricated House

Karmod ready-made prefabricated homes are the best in the field with 30 years of experience and its high technology. Offering quality and comfort together, Twin model prefabricated house has two different entrance possibilities. These two houses that share a common veranda have a bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms. With Karmod, your home can be installed anywhere in the world. Your house will be delivered to you on a turn-key basis, with all installations and insulations. You can get after-sales support with Karmod expert teams at any time you want.

You will love Twin Model ready-made house that offers two comfortable and quality living spaces. With Karmod quality and difference, have this house within the shortest time.


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