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Modular Dining Facilities and Prefabricated Kitchens

Karmod Prefab Structures has built more than 1,600 modular buildings and modular dining facilities in more than 130 countries since 1986. No other company can boast proven success and experience as Karmod Prefab Structures. When it comes to providing the longest lasting and safest engineered modular dining facilities, every Karmod Prefab Structures modular dining facility is designed according to specific local and international building regulations. We take security very seriously and not only subject our engineering modular structures to intense internal scrutiny, but we go above and beyond by having a third party independently verify our engineering. No other manufacturer of modular dining facilities offers this level of precision in terms of engineering and safety. If you have an urgent modular dining facility requirement or would like more information about Karmod Prefab Structures modular dining facilities and cafeteria buildings, please choose a method below to contact us.

modular dining facilities and kitchen dining accommodations are a critical component for workforce oil gas and mining camps. Nurturing your workforce helps them be safer and more productive at work. Our modular commercial kitchen and modular dining facility solutions are uniquely designed to support the Earth's diverse landscapes, and modular dining facilities are constructed using durable, high-quality materials that meet or exceed local modular building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes. Whether you need to cater for a few or a few hundred workers, our modular dining complexes are multifunctional and can be fully equipped with kitchen/modular food preparation areas, storage areas, cafeteria-style seating and commercial grade appliances including a stove, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators and deep freezers.

Best Prefab Modular Kitchens and Dining Facilities

It is used in prefabricated dining halls, construction sites, social facilities, military facilities, open air and other organizations, municipal soup kitchens and similar places to meet the need for food. Comfort conditions are very important for these structures, where many people are together at the same time. Ventilation, insulation and domestic operation must be done correctly.

Since statically modular dining facilities are widely spaced places, detailed examinations should be made. The number and locations of columns determined according to static calculations are also important for the placement of furniture. Material selection should be made by considering kitchen appliances and hygiene criteria.

In the modular buildings manufactured by Karmod, modular kitchen facilities with steel carcass system and prefabricated dining and kitchen sections, A-1 class non-combustible fiber cement wall panel material is preferred. In addition to our standard prefabricated modular dining facilities plans, we can also design, manufacture and assemble in desired dimensions. It is possible to disassemble and reassemble modular dining facilities many times. Provide a multifunctional modular catering space that scales with the needs of your workforce

Variety from a simple cafeteria-style seating area to a private, commercial-grade facility complete with modular dining facilities services

Provide a clean, comfortable and spacious environment to feed your workforce

Complete your space and save time and money by choosing from our turnkey add-on products and packages so your modular catering and cafe solution is ready to go from day one.

Remote Site Kitchens and Modular Dining Facilities

Modular kitchen facilities provided for remote site camps in 132 countries of the world. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone facility or a modular complex that can be expanded, we have delivered kitchen and dining facilities to some of the world's most remote locations. We are supplying ISO and CE certified modular kitchen and dining facilities built in Turkey and shipped to your site. From modular single kitchen units to large scale modular kitchen and dining complexes, our modular kitchens are fully repositionable, making them a completely flexible solution. While we design and deliver our kitchens to our customer requirements, we've put together a number of proven packages outlining some of our more popular remote site kitchens to give you a starting point for the design. Our remote site modular kitchens can be in place in as little as 30 days to 45 and are used to provide modular dining infrastructure for a wide variety of uses. These include:

Mining and Metal Mining Camps, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exploration Camps, Large-Scale Construction and Construction Site Labor Camps, War and Refugee Camps, Army, Military Camps and Bases, Earthquake, Flood, Disaster Relief

School canteen and cafeteria built from prefabricated modules

When it comes to innovative modular building solutions for your modular cafeteria or canteen, look no further than Karmod. Modular catering buildings are fast becoming an alternative to traditional buildings, and it's easy to see why.

It is the perfect solution for modular cafeteria facilities, educational buildings, school canteens and construction site cafeterias. Modular dining facilities are extremely durable and can be erected ready for use in half the time of a permanent build. Compared to traditional construction structures, the rapid installation also allows for minimal disruption, which is crucial in an active site such as an education building, school or campus.

If you are considering using modular buildings for education buildings on construction sites, a canteen in your school or college or prefab food facilities, contact Karmod experts today. We also offer exploration, design and consultancy for modular food facility construction services. If you need more information about modular dining facility or prefabricated canteen building, email or contact Karmod today.

Karmod is ready to work for your employees and solutions in the world. Thus, you are ready to work with us from day one.


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