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Established in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey, Karmod Demountable Container provides quality and value with a name you can trust, specializing in secure demountable steel storage containers, site accommodation and social security units, and bespoke container conversions. Demountable Container individual modules help you save on shipping costs. Compared to standard containers, flat-mounted containers require up to 5 times less transport space. On-site assembly time (2 people) is approximately 60 minutes. The prefab storage flat pack container warehouse is based on common prefab storage flat pack container houses. Its features are that it can be installed quickly. The material is a high-quality sandwich polyurethane panel. These flat pack containers are known in all parts of the world for providing office space and in many construction industries from mining to clinics in Europe and Africa region.

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It's made of galvanized steel frames and insulated with sandwich polyurethane panels that give it the strength and durability you expect from a container, yet pleasing to the eye. These containers, also known as trans-pack or demountable containers, can be folded and transported as 'flat-pack' on top of each other. Where distance and shipping issues are common when it comes to shipping containers - our flat packs are an instant space solution. demountable containers pack up to 20% of their size, making them easily portable. Not only that, they're also easy to assemble, making them the perfect solution for customers who need storage for unusual spaces or need to move their containers multiple times.

Turkey's Fastest Growing Demountable Container Manufacturer Karmod

Recent projects include mobile generator units of standard demountable containers, container-based mobile art galleries, shops and pop-up offices, container food and beverage servers, and container-based safety training facilities. Karmod demountable container units are used for general storage, chemical storage, insulated storage, modular office and residential space, as well as portable cabins and bicycle storage solutions.

Our secure steel storage flat pack containers are designed for use where access is restricted. The components are light enough to be carried by hand and small enough to pass through a small passage. They can be connected end-to-end or side-by-side modularly at any time after initial assembly to create larger open-plan storage container spaces. Karmod containers Being demountable means they can be easily returned to flat pack form for storage or reuse at a different location.

Together with our Demountable Storage containers we can provide our customers with complete solutions to meet all their site accommodation requirements. Karmod Demountable Container has been serving the housing estate sector since 1986 and with its 36 years of experience, it constantly strives to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


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