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Containers Factory Direct and Fast Shipping in Zambia

Special containers in Zambia As an important advantage, foldable and easily transportable Karmod containers can save our customers and end users up to 80% on freight charges. This means that our flat pack container system delivers significant total cost savings, especially when an affordable mobile space container home solution suitable for lodging in a remote area is needed. As freight costs to Africa and Zambia are quite expensive and sometimes prohibitive, instead of moving space, we transport collapsed Karmod container units that we sew on-site to your requirements. Office and construction site containers in Zambia: Whether you want to build a rural school, clinic or library, or a private construction, mining or exploration camp with homes and offices, a complete set of accommodation, complete with storage, sleeping, ablutions, meals, laundry and entertainment, is suitable for accommodation. mobile Karmod containers are available for sale at affordable prices to meet your specific needs.

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Container Homes from Zambia - High Quality / Low Prices

Mobile Karmod containers are robust, low maintenance and easy to install, and customers have the option to purchase at attractive and competitive prices.

As a proud and passionate company, Karmod is well positioned to help our growing customer base develop and implement affordable, practical and efficient onsite space management solutions in the form of Transpack portable cabins, steel container and prefab modular buildings for sale. Whether our customers are in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, construction, education or defense industries, we have a comprehensive range of mobile container offices, modular prefab homes and storage areas – proven products, all with all necessary support services. In most cases, we can design, configure, supply and install a complete prefabricated modular container accommodation solution within a week or two. It is always our goal to supply the customer's prefabricated modular container building needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the prefabricated modular container building units have been delivered on site and all necessary hardware has been installed and tested, we work diligently to ensure that all services, including water and electricity supply and plumbing, are fully functioning to specification.

Anyone Can Build a Cheap Sustainable Home in Zambia

Karmod offers a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low maintenance prefabricated buildings for sale to meet your container home, office or storage needs. Whatever your private container home, office or other space needs in Africa and zambia, and regardless of current scale, timeframes and end uses, we offer a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low maintenance prefab container modular buildings for sale. Whether you need a mini shop for a micro business, a classroom for a student with 230x600 to 300x700 containers, or a complete mining or construction village for hundreds of workers, complete with container houses, offices and storage facilities, Karmod is your smart choice.

Our custom-built prefabricated container buildings, consisting of modular prefabricated sandwich panels, can be delivered as assembled at the construction site by Karmod, as needed. They are ideal for emergency prefabricated mass housing applications when a simple, reliable and cost-effective container house and building solution is required for: Site offices, kitchens and canteens, mobile homes, classrooms, dormitories, ablutions, show stands and other event facilities. In Zambia all container container house units are produced quickly for short and/or long term requirements.


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