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Building a Containerized Sanitary Based on Years of Experience

Karmod Containerized Sanitary. He has been building modular sanitary toilets for industrial and commercial project sites for thirty-six years. During these years Karmod. has produced a wide range of portable containerized toilet solutions for power plants, refineries, nuclear plants, commercial construction and infrastructure projects. In many of these locations, the flow of additional manpower can strain permanent toilet facilities on site, and additional toilets are often more than necessary.

Karmod Containerized Sanitary has been able to supply a climate controlled modular toilet with all the amenities of any home toilet. Our company has helped increase the level of hygiene and sanitation in projects in Turkey and abroad by providing containerized toilets, flush toilets and climate control. As a result, these products have been proven to improve worker ethics, health, hygiene and cleanliness in a project.


Containerized Sanitary to companies all over the World

Karmod Containerized Sanitary. It offers the container toilet with standard and customizable floor plans. is a commercial quality portable containerized toilet that will redefine the waste management of your project site. Since it is built in its sanitary container, it can be moved multiple times throughout your project. Its design ensures that manpower meets sanitation needs in and around your site. These industrial grade units provide workers with the cleanliness, convenience and durability of any home toilet. As a result, project managers can increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

These sanitary containers are easy to maintain and are kept clean even in the harshest environments. The versatility of these toilets allows them to be connected to existing water and sewer lines or stand alone for easy removal of waste. Many of our customers state that the Sanitary Toilet is a great solution for new construction, outages and project returns. , flush toilets and climate controlled containerized toilets, our company has helped improve the hygiene and sanitation level of projects around the world.

Excellent creative Containerized Sanitary solutions

Karmod Containerized Sanitary. It is proud to offer Sanitary toilets and other modular container modifications to industrial and commercial construction projects in a multitude of industries. For the last thirty-five years, Karmod has designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of portable, containerized solutions for power plants, refineries, nuclear facilities, commercial/industrial construction projects and more in Turkey and abroad. As our customers continue to undertake new projects, we continue to Rediscover Karmod to increase the efficiency of their sites.


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