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Versatile toilet container for sale for All Your Different Needs

Karmod now offers a brand new range of galvanized steel toilet containers in various sizes and layouts, from 230x394 containers with multiple toilet units including toilet, shower. These toilet containers are durable, resistant to earthquakes, disasters, war attacks and are built to last. Although fully portable, they are ideal for temporary sites and public events, while also making an excellent permanent fixture at oil and mineral campsites, visitor attractions, and construction site and industrial sites.


Portable disabled toilets, shower units for sale

Accessible/Disabled Toilet, Portable or Permanent Building we manufacture – Designed for quick, easy deployment and installation. Steel framed structure, Disabled/Disabled Toilet is a standalone building or can be connected to an existing building with mains electricity, sewerage and water

230x394 handicapped and single toilet unit. A complete disabled WC with a ramp, a fully disabled alarm system, a sink, a water heater and a toilet can be made upon request. If you wish, there is a sink, water heater and toilet in the Single WC.

Budget Disabled Toilet Containers 9 m2 portable WC from karmod is the smallest unit that can be provided with a handicapped toilet.

Like the 9 m2 WC pans we offer, this 230x394 size utility toilet is ideal for use at events and trade shows as well as smaller sites.

It can be custom made to all the features you expect, including a portable disabled toilet, emergency alarm pull cord and external alarm light. All our WCs must be connected to the mains water and main sewerage or septic tank and no chemicals should be used.

Made of Galvanized Steel, with insulation, a clean interior and a non-slip floor, these robust units offer a good and comfortable solution for use at trade fairs, exhibitions and events.

Built-in portable toilets are easy-to-clean white wipeable surfaces, a toilet, sink, lighting, extractor hood and non-slip, raised edge trim to prevent any spills.

Toilet and Bathroom Container

The best and highest quality toilet container

Karmod is the most well-known Toilet & Bathroom Container manufacturer of Turkey and the world, produced with innovative designs and strong structure that provides higher durability and comfort, as well as being easily installed in a short time. It has better knowledge of custom-made Toilet and Bathroom Containers in various configurations, sizes and shapes according to the location and environment of the place to be installed. Toilet and Bathroom Container can be made from high test steel and components with the help of assembly line techniques for optimum capacity, higher efficiency, safe functions and longer durability. Having sufficient infrastructure and competencies, the company has been successful in manufacturing toilet containers in accordance with European norms and building construction regulations since 1986.


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