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Latest technology Container toilet blocks

Karmod Modular container toilet solutions has become the leader in the modular industry. Over 36 years of experience allow us to offer innovative modular container solutions for a wide variety of customer needs.

As Karmod, our Mission is to lead our industry as a leading designer, builder and expert in container toilets and related modular buildings for parks and public spaces. We achieve this goal by promoting a culture of innovation and attention to detail that make modular container toilet blockers safer and more reliable for the communities we serve.


Our flexible, high-quality container toilet blocks are available in standard or custom plans that can serve 10 to 250 users. Inside our container toilet blocks, they can be equipped with features such as Sink, soap dispenser, mirror and other modern toiletries. Mobile container toilet blocks typically contain toilets, privacy compartments, sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and necessary disabled facilities and fixtures. We also offer urinals, storage cabinets and changing tables extra on certain container toilet units. We make photocell toilet features and upon request.

Container Toilet Blocks are Fast Deliverable and Quick to Install

What to do when you need modular container toilet blocks at your school or church campus...

The short answer is to buy a modular container toilet block! Modular builders design and build custom prefab container toilet bathroom blocks for everything from emergencies to special events – and schools have been making good use of these structures for decades. From our few container toilet blocks and small container changing rooms, lockers, showers and laundry facilities complete with sinks to several thousand square feet of prefabricated modular structures - it's hard to find a school facility need that isn't met by a modular building.

They meet all state and local agency approvals prior to installation, as they are prefabricated in a secure facility and rigorously inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Both our modular container toilet blocks and container shower facilities are available for long-term or short-term needs. Our prefab container toilet blocks are often used in remote areas, construction sites and during facility renovations that require additional toilet facilities.

Immediate Or Emergency Need For A Container Toilet Blocks

Save time and money on your next project with prefabricated container toilet blocks from Karmod. Our custom or standard modular container toilet blocks can be purchased with prompt delivery and installation. We offer a variety of fully functional prefab container toilet blocks with the same aesthetics and plumbing as traditional construction. These container toilet units are manufactured off-site, saving you time by also allowing site preparation. Modular toilets are an economical option and are environmentally friendly. These prefab container toilet blocks are ideal for any construction site, park or school campus.


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