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Living in Ultra-Modern Container Houses in Uganda

Karmod Containers is one of the leading container house specialists in the African country of Uganda. Karmod offers private and container houses for a wide variety of purposes including commercial, industrial, retail and residential. We have a broad portfolio of transformation projects and work for clients ranging from large international companies to small and medium businesses and private individuals.

Karmod Containers is the design, build and delivery arm of Karmod Africa focusing on modular houses and container-based structures. Over the years, we have produced hundreds of container structures for a wide variety of applications including shops, houses, catering, office, retail and industrial structures at our manufacturing site in Kampala, Uganda.

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Affordable Container Houses in Kampala, Uganda

Our team delivers container houses and structures 35-55% faster than traditional construction methods, ensuring customer satisfaction from initial discussions, ideas, sketches or structural drawings, construction, logistics and installation of the final product. Karmod usually produces standard container houses and these are 230x600 and 300x700 container houses, life is different, we can custom change the containers to any length. We also recommend these container house structures to build larger units and create more flexible modular solutions.

In the heart of Uganda's capital, Kampala, is a place often referred to as the "container village". In this village of life. Such container houses are available in 230x600 or 300x700 dimensions. 14 m2 and 21 m2 containers have living space. These containers can be used as stand-alone houses and/or modern offices, but they can be combined to make multi-storey container residences.

Reliable Quality and Low Cost - Expandable Container House

This is a custom builder construction company focused on providing the best and most reliable quality housing solutions in Uganda. Designed by our own architects, the mall was built with luxury modular containers. It's filled with shops, cafes, bars, great eateries and an entertainment venue designed to attract crowds. People will not only visit the shops and restaurants but also admire the latest architecture. The concept is to offer modern architecture, great street food, trendy shops and bars and great modern container restaurants!

Karmod says more and more people are adopting this form of container house and accommodation because it is environmentally friendly and can work for people with small and large plots of land. A kind Of Modular Container House, Consisting Of Light Steel Frame And Thermal Insulation Material. High Corrosion Resistance, No Special Maintenance Treatment Is Required For 5 Years. Quality Promise. Unique Design. Over 36 Years Experience.


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