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Quality Container House Solutions

Offering container solutions both internationally and in African Kenya for over 36 years, Karmod Container houses continues to focus on building strong relationships based on trust, reliability and quality as the key to our success. We help you succeed in Kenya with innovative, quality container house solutions and excellent service.

Karmod was founded in 1986 and manufactures the best prefab container houses in Kenya. It is one of the rare companies that can offer you smart, green and aesthetic housing solutions. Karmod exports its markets to Australia, Africa, the USA, the Middle East and many more countries, with the company's prefabricated solutions for special container houses and commercial buildings.

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Karmod's team of professional engineers and architects-designers produce amazing container houses with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques The company's unique prefab container houses for sale in Nairobi, Kenya are manufactured using cost-effective and eco-friendly yet premium quality materials. You can customize the default prefab container house plans according to your needs.

Custom container houses - Excellent products

Ideal living spaces and sanitation is a recurring challenge globally. Karmod produces modular, eco-friendly and plug and play container houses for you, which are an alternative to affordable and luxury accommodation. Container houses, which are a modern solution to living spaces, are economical, stylish and ideal for business and personal use. Although the concept is new to Kenya Nairobi, our team has been building prefab container Houses for over 36 years and has successfully completed major projects in major geographies and 132 countries. With their customized features, impeccable maintenance, longer service life and low maintenance, container houses are the solution to a global problem.

Container Houses - Fast and Economical Solutions

Based in Nairobi Kenya, we have years of know-how and experience, providing the industry with container storage facilities and ongoing after-sales service and maintenance. Our comprehensive range of CE and ISO certified container houses can be used as standard storage and transport options or redesigned and reshaped to suit your needs. It can be used as Weekend Homes, Farmhouses, Guest Houses, Beach Homes, Holiday houses, Camping Homes, Outhouses, Workers' Houses/Camps.

Affordable, environmentally friendly and fast to build, container houses in Kenya offer endless architectural possibilities. These extra durable units can be stacked in almost any layout and are customized with every luxury under the sun. From metal mansions to stylish industrial retreats, we've rounded up the best container houses and residences that think outside the box.


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