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New Container House Project Malaysia

The most popular option, the Portable container house is flexible in use and lower in price. Robust and portable, each container house provides a cost-effective way to manage space and personnel for short-term use. At Karmod Containers, we manufacture container houses based on standardized reusable materials known for efficient, safe and secure storage. Our Container Houses in Malaysia Our manufacturing engineers ensure to create a highly energetic quality and safe and waterproof habitable container solution that provides peace of mind to end users. Our Karmod container houses can be easily reused, moved, relocated or modularly expanded to meet all your future needs. Container House Manufacturing specialists in Malaysia provide agricultural containers, multi-storey modular structures, Affordable social housing, Labor mining camps, locker/laundry rooms on construction sites, military training facilities, cold storage, steel gym installation and much more. Designed to serve multiple purposes, airtight containers are energy efficient and can be modified to contain electrical/lighting, plumbing, insulation, shelving, kitchenettes and whatever you need, depending on the situation.

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As Karmod container, we cooperate extensively with our valued customer in Malaysia and evaluate all your needs to shape the best action plan to meet your application. We have a variety of container houses available to suit your needs. We are a container house manufacturer in our factory in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. We deliver to Malaysia at affordable prices.

Affordable Container Houses for Sale in Malaysia

Paying great attention to customer service and producing exactly according to customer's needs, Karmod Containers has become a leading established provider in the container house industry to Malaysia and other countries. We manufacture all sizes of office and modular containers of various types and designs as well as a variety of new containers for the people of Malaysia. To further alleviate your worries, our containers are available in Malaysia not only locally but globally. Almost anything is possible with us. For those who want to buy containers in Malaysia at an affordable price, our team of experts assure you from container for sale Malaysia, which is considered a complete service, from design consultancy to installation and manufacturing of containers with warehouses. We deliver anywhere in the nation. As Karmod, we are not in this business just because we want to make money. In fact, we're in it because we can actually see the problem. For example, building a brick house is not only costly, but also time-consuming. Therefore, we offer cost-effective container house solution.


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