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Container Home architecture in south africa

We deliver the Container Homes produced by Karmod all over South Africa. We export container homes to most countries including Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and any country accessible by land or sea.

Accustomed to tons of space, a major lifestyle change is taking place as South Africans slowly but surely downsize their homes. Especially in Container homes, it no longer needs a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home complete with a study, dining room and living room. The more attractive option is the (much) smaller container house, packed with only the essentials and eco-friendly features.

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Karmod said that compared to a traditional brick and mortar, the cost of a container house is about 40-50% cheaper.

As a society with one of the highest levels of inequality in the world, providing adequate housing has long presented an interesting challenge to the architectural sector in South Africa. All this makes the rise in demand for container homes in South Africa very interesting. For example, the demand for the Berman-Kalil container house and container Housing Concepts in Cape Town has increased tremendously.

Affordable stylish living in container homes

Karmod Container home modules can also be used in takeaway shops, ticket kiosks, telecommunication service shops and even bank office, post office etc. It also provides excellent service in commercial use.

With Karmod Container home modular solution, your commercial plan can be realized in a much shorter time, which allows users to experience earlier cashback and less pressure on cash flow.

A Karmod container home modular solution provides extra advantages that enable it to serve a wider range of industries.

Civilized uses such as residences, hotels, motels, hospitals, schools, classrooms, Barracks, logs, training centers, bulletproof, anti-explosion, ammunition storage, etc. for military use…

From low-rise buildings such as dormitories, office buildings, campus buildings. Apartment buildings, high-grade hotels, etc. such as mid-rise buildings.

Karmod container manufacturer and producing sustainable and permanent affordable homes are very popular in African countries and this trend will continue to increase as more and more local architects start to realize the potential of what can be achieved, container homes will not leave homeless people in South Africa


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