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Best Container Home Designs in Australia

In Karmod, Australia, modular container homes are an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional houses. Karmod Container Homes are made of high quality materials and unlike many other portable buildings, they are produced more economically and quickly. Since they are modular, they can be moved and transported repeatedly without affecting the integrity of the structure.

Karmod is an Australian owned and operated corporate company that manufactures a wide variety of containerized units across Australia. Our Difference is full custom options available and complete quality service from design/consulting to fabrication and installation. We are all concerned with off-grid, sustainable methods of building while keeping all the luxuries of a new container home intact. Energetic Interior paneling is of the highest standard and we believe our business is our advertisement.

We really want to offer you the best price container house and available service and product in Australia. Using this superior quality, we have been very successful for the last 36 years without any advertising costs. In return we can offer great affordable container homes across Australia and we continue to build to perfection.

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Container House Builder in Australia - Build Your Own Home

Rural container homes in Australia are the first of their kind. Using both container and traditional construction methods, we are able to offer any custom layout with large open plan designs. In Sydney, Australia, karmod container homes, 230x600 and 300x700 special container homes are produced as 14 m2 and 21 m2 too, larger container can be custom made. These beautiful container homes have bedroom and guest office, living room and toilet and bathroom.

Many people in Australia are looking for off-grid Karmod container homes as an affordable option for building a new home. With reinforced concrete homes doubling in price over the past 30 years, limited land availability, and the cost of housing in suburban areas continues to rise, many people are turning their attention to living in small container homes.

Luxury Container insurance in Australia

Whichever way you look at it, spending money on the cost of building a new reinforced concrete house is for most people the biggest amount of money they will spend in a lifetime. Karmod container homes are rapidly gaining ground as a viable alternative to traditional brick and mortar. It is the most cost-effective way to buy your own Portable container home or additional unit to your existing accommodation in Australia.

We specialize in one-off portable container buildings or large scale high quality modular structures for mining, parks and accommodation requirements in Australia. Portable containers offer the best quality and strong prefab modular structures customized to your interior choices.


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