KW6 230X500 Wc - Shower Container

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Portable Toilet Blocks for Construction Sites

Portable construction site toilet blocks for construction works or we export to 132 countries in Turkey or the world, you can get them from our dealers or from us. Karmod has the widest variety of containers to meet your needs. Karmod has been producing construction site toilet blocks since 1986. We continuously design, manufacture and develop innovative equipment and services to provide the best construction site toilet blocks in the industry to the construction and contracting teams of Turkey and the World. As well as standard construction site toilet blocks, Karmod has the most specially designed portable toilet block not found anywhere else. Turkey and all the countries with the world's sea are known and loved for their most beautiful landscapes and stunning coastlines. Also, major cities in the World known for their impressive infrastructure. We have known for a long time that construction companies should have suitable, clean and comfortable construction site toilets for those working on construction sites. Whether it's a short-term downtown office project or a toilet for long-term construction commitments, our company is committed to providing sanitation services and solutions of the highest quality in construction site bathroom and toilet blocks options.


Toilet and Shower Blocks You Need in the Construction Site

Clean, Reliable, construction site toilet blocks for construction sites are usually pre-planned projects, but sometimes unexpected events cause construction sites to be set up in the name of disaster recovery and assistance. Whatever the reasons, we at Karmod know that having a choice of clean, reliable and wide construction site toilet blocks or construction porta potty is vital for a site to ultimately run efficiently. Site workers deserve clean and convenient restroom toilets and wash stations on site. At Karmod, we have product options to meet the needs of all kinds of projects. We deliver construction site toilet blocks that are ideal for commercial construction projects, commuter road and residential projects, public works projects or anything built in between.

Toilet and shower blocks for construction site campsites

Our decades in the portable site toilet industry have given us the experience and expertise to provide stress-free service on construction sites. From contracting works to high construction sites, no job is too big or too small for Karmod. Construction sites require portable site toilets on site. Experience and cleanliness are essential for the health and safety of construction crews. Only Karmod guarantees to offer the best construction site toilet blocks for all your long term and construction portable sanitation needs.


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