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Living in Affordable Prefab House Communities

A prefabricated house  for the communities produced by Karmod is built off-site, in our 31,000 square meter factory, and then moved to its permanent location and assembled on-site. These prefab house options can be divided into two categories, steel house and modular prefab house, both of which can be extremely economical options for fixed income seniors and retirees.

Community living and Retirees or 60+ mobile parks and modular communities are available to provide affordable prefab homes, a community-based lifestyle option for seniors. These neighborhoods often operate in the same way as a traditional retirement community, where there may be prefab homeowners association fees as well as local regulations and conveniences. Modular communities are attractive to older adults as a way to downsize economically while staying safe and social at the same time.

Do you want to embrace the sustainable modular prefab home lifestyle by joining a prefab home community? Here is everything you need to know in Karmod.

The biggest benefit of living in a prefab community is, of course, affordability. These parks and communities often offer a package of land and prefab modular homes that are cheaper than building a prefab on your own land.

Builds a new generation of residential communities

As Karmod buildings, we believe that great design means balancing form, prefabricated house means living in a community, function and footprint. We have created beautiful and efficient home designs that prioritize natural light, are low in emissions and can be adapted to the diverse needs of families worldwide. We democratize great design and build sustainable, resilient communities of high-quality prefab homes.

Sure, there's a stigma that prefab communities look like mobile parks. However, it has spawned many places that are a dream come true for the modern prefab, and they are nothing like old container house parks.

Our patented and certified Karmod prefabricated house System consists of a variety of different wall panels and building components that combine to produce energy efficient and environmentally friendly prefabricated houses with high performance, durability and affordability. Our easy-to-assemble prefab wall kit system can reduce home construction time by 55-70%.

We Build Energy Efficient New Community Prefab Homes

As the need for new housing grows, finding the most efficient course of action to live in a community often leads to exploration of factory-built methods. The synergy derived from combining the best practices of factory technology with the best-built modular building components outside the factory results in high-quality, high-value modular structures that are built in half the time of conventional methods without compromise.

Community Prefab Houses Save Big

Our prefabricated 3D printed panels are produced in our factory and delivered on-site ready for assembly. This saves you time and money by reducing soft costs and onsite hours.

Steel House Easy Customization in Community

‍Adapt our flexible home kit system to virtually any floor plan and regional style without the constraints of time and labor. We offer design, construction and project management services for your entire project.

Superior Quality and Durable Prefab house Design

Built with non-combustible materials, our modular homes are resistant to fire, hurricanes, moisture (including mold and fungi), insects, earthquake events and other environmental factors, providing homes with longevity and durability over the years.

Reduced Carbon Footprint Modular homes for communities

We build only what is essential to living in a prefab community, we produce only 6% of the construction waste typically generated by a conventionally built modular home, and we reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3 tonnes per prefab house.


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