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A Caravan Tiny House Like No Other

As caravan tiny house builders, our priority is your satisfaction! Design your flat pack tiny house for free using our floor plan! Karmod Caravan Tiny House offers you a range of affordable mobile flat pack tiny home units for you to have the best experience. Karmod caravan is designed for a long lifetime for tiny house, portable office and portable house, industrial needs or personal uses, and can be used outdoors with its metal chassis that can last forever. All Karmod caravan tiny home units are strong enough to withstand storms and you can buy them with complete confidence.

Caravan Small House Hotel

We are proud to provide mobile business and marketing solutions for Commercial Buildings and Enterprise Environments, Corporations, marketing agencies, commercial applications, boutique resorts, caravan tiny home hotel, retail, restaurants and special events. Karmod Caravan Tiny House has in-depth experience working with all brands in the same way as a mobile showroom, design centre, office space, tasting room and anything else you can imagine. it can be in the form of a small home area, a trade show booth, food cart and much more. Karmod Caravan Tiny House can create anything you desire. Caravan Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. From less than 10 square meters to 30 square meters. Caravan tiny homes built on wheels, floating platforms, foundations, and even vehicles such as student-carrying school buses that have been converted into small mobile living spaces.

Build Your Luxury Caravan Tiny Cabin Lodges

Our Karmod Series range of stunning caravan tiny homes for sale brings Tiny Karmod's top-notch craftsmanship and quality to you in a more cost-effective way than building a custom caravan tiny house from the ground up. These beautiful caravan tiny homes have been impeccably designed and built by our team of experts with a focus on function and aesthetics. We burned the midnight oil to find out exactly what makes up the perfect flat paekt tiny house so you can relax and focus on the fun part: making it yours completely! Our Karmod Series caravan tiny homes are still very customizable with many upgrades and modifications to suit your individual needs and personal style.

We build flat pack tiny house so you can live large

Click on each model to browse through these award-winning flat pack tiny homes that have made Tiny Karmod the world's leading tiny home manufacturer. The mobile tiny house movement is all about extreme minimization and minimalism. mobile camper tiny homes is all about eliminating the unnecessary so that the essential can stand out. Here you will find the latest designs and structures to nurture your ideas and creativity for your own small or caravan tiny house project.


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