Social Housing

Why Social Housing?

“Social houses are both safe for living and Eco friendly”

Social Housing

There are some living styles and standards in all over the World, but we dont know enough about them and Social prefab houses are one of the options among Wooden houses, Classic stone houses, steel construction houses.

Before making decision about social housing for living you know the advances and disadvantages of these building models.

Since Prefab social housing is one of the most preferred living models, we can provide you some important information and advantages.

Before we take a closer look about the advantages we must know that the Turkish Prefabricated Social Housing Industry is in the first ranks in the World.

Prefabricated social hosing projects are delivered in the shape of reproduction ready to install format. After the materials are totally shipped at the site, our experts team assemble the houses in a short time period and deliver to the owners in ready for living.


Order Process of Social Housing.

  • During the order process, our interior and exterior designer team collect necessary information from the customers about the house structure they have dreamed.
  • Once the 3D design is ready approved from the customers, our production teams prepare the production plan and start preparing the components and make them ready for ship.
  • After shipping all the necessary materials our Assembly team at the local site.


Who may prefer Social Housings?

  • Those who want to live a peaceful life nearby the city.
  • Those who are living in Earthquake zones and wants to spend entire life with minimum risk factors.
  • Those who prefer to live in an individual dream house.
  • Those who have limited budget and looking for cost effective housing solutions.

"If you need any further information about Social Housing order process please contact our sales department"


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