Mobile Medical Containers

Mobile Medical Containers Manufacturers

There are such objects, which simply can not do without  mobile medical containers. Mobile medical points from a block container is a universal structure in which you will find everything you need. This design is quite durable and reliable.

The mobile medical containers are manufactured by Karmod is a reliable and durable building, equipped with all the necessary life support systems, medical equipment and furniture. The module is widely used in rural areas, shift camps, on construction sites and other facilities where there is a need for the organization of a mobile first-aid post, pharmacy, laboratory and other medical institutions.

The mobile medical containers Karmod are durable and resistant to negative environmental effects. It is based on a steel channel, forming a frame that is able to withstand heavy loads. External and internal sheathing of the base is made of steel profiled sheet.

A layer of insulation is placed between the sheets, which provides high-quality thermal insulation of the premises. In the manufacture of containers designed for operation in regions with harsh climates, double layer of insulation can be used. Such a mobile medical containers can be used at temperatures from -60 to +50 degrees.

Interior decoration is carried out with panels, clapboard and other materials of the customer’s choice. Standard equipment includes an electrical network, ventilation system, fire alarm and if necessary the module is understaffed with water supply, heating, fire extinguishing systems, etc.

Mobile medical containers Karmod can be quickly loaded onto a trail or railway platform and transported to a new location. Installation of the module and connection to communication systems is carried out in a short time.

Karmod are the leader in the industry of production of houses and block containers. Many people built their dream houses, big companies were able to build hospitals on time.


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