Mobile Hospital on Wheels

Mobile Hospital on Wheels Manufacturers

For several years, a real revolution has taken place in the medical care of the. It may not seem obvious to you but the internal changes are striking. As part of the program of modernization of the capital’s health care, the most modern equipment has been delivered to medical facilities, allowing doctors to identify various diseases and prescribe treatment on time. Mobile hospitals on wheels are in great demand in countries with an unfavorable military situation, when people need huge amounts of medical care.

Due to the remoteness of settlements people have to get to doctors for a long time, so mobile hospital on wheels come to the rescue. In fact, these are real hospitals on wheels. In particular, mobile complexes are equipped not only with x-ray and ultrasound devices, laboratory equipment but also with computer tomographs.

And this means that in one day the patient can be fully examined and immediately decide on further treatment tactics. That is the mobile medical complex replaces not only the outpatient health care unit, but also partially stationary. And another very important point. Within one day, it is possible to conduct a full medical examination of residents of entire settlements, including fluorography and mammography. In mobile hospital on wheels dental care is also provided.

The mobile hospital on wheels is designed  to provide qualified medical care to victims of accidents, disasters, natural disasters in various climatic and geographical areas under the conditions of autonomous functioning.

The hospital includes a medical unit, a residential unit for staff, a sanitary unit and an energy unit.

Karmod is a big company providing services for the production of elements of mobile hospitals. For the production of a mobile hospital are used trucks, trailers, semitrailers. Karmod uses only the highest quality materials in production. After all, Karmod care about human health. The complex is equipped with all necessary equipment for autonomous operation in any climatic and geographical conditions.


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